A Few Little Blocks

The final few klosjes are done.  I think my total is somewhere around 120 of them finished.  Once I get a chance to lay them out and figure out the arrangement, it won’t take long to get the little teddy bear quilt put together.

Wednesday night I really couldn’t seem to focus on just one thing so, along with making the final few klosjes, I put together these LeMoyne Stars.  I have a total of 11 of them done, with the pieces for 19 more printed and ready to stitch.  Another baby quilt in the making — this one clearly for a girl as all the stars will be a pink of some sort or another.

The political ads are beginning — although no election has been called yet, it seems it may not be that far off.  I have a feeling we’ll be renting a lot of videos or watching things we’ve recorded so we can fast forward through the ads.   My tolerance for the self-serving or attack ads is zero.  I don’t usually say anything about politics on my blog, but the ad I saw Wednesday night made my skin crawl.  If this is what we have to look forward to, I’d rather ignore the whole thing altogether.

It was very cold on Wednesday and promises to be even colder today.  We are definitely back in the deep freeze for a few days.  Great timing to spend lots of time stitching.  Smudge found a spot to curl up.

While Lester decided to guard the toy basket.

9 thoughts on “A Few Little Blocks

  1. The Lemoyne stars look fantastic! I kind of wish sometimes that I hand stitched things. So portable! Definitely feel your pain about the political ads. But they don’t last forever.


  2. Darling klosjes and I love all things pink! Hope Smudge is improving…poor kitty…or perhaps super smart kitty….getting so much extra attention and special tlc! 😉 Hugs to both you and Mr Q…cold days, political smut ads and sick kitty is a hard combination!


  3. Hello Cathi, your cat is again so sweet! Cats really can enjoy themselves! Mine is sleeping aften like that and hiding the head under the arm. Nice to have your own toybasket!
    Your blocks are beautiful! Klosjen looks very exited and I want to make them one day! Vow you needed lots of them!
    Have a nice day! Teje


  4. It won’t be long until we are engulfed by political ads too, our state election is in late March. I’m afraid I just turn off mentally and physically, because all they do is attack other parties. Hugs to the kitties! We are in for a heat wave late next week, I will trade you some heat for some snow.


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