More Stormy Seas

A bit more contrast than the last one.   Putting these blocks together gets easier with each one.  Hopefully that means I’ll be able to keep to my goal of 2 blocks a week.  No guarantees on that as I found myself looking at the autumn colours fabrics I had pulled out for a Winding Ways idea.

There’s another design floating in my mind that’s made with Drunkard’s Path blocks.  That one is as irresistible as the Winding Ways.  So far I haven’t pulled any fabrics for it, but it’s getting awfully close. As soon as the baby quilt is quilted and bound, I have a feeling I’ll be starting one of those two.

My Patchwork of the Crosses blocks seem to have been put away a bit too well.  This may finally teach me to label the boxes in which I put blocks so that I don’t need to go through every one in order to find whatever it is I’m looking for.

Smudge was eating a bit more on his own on Thursday.  Still nowhere near the 250 calories he needs, so the syringe feeding continues.

Earlier in the day, Lester had been grooming Smudge.  Normally, Smudge would never let him do that but these days he seems to be quite enjoying the attention.

7 thoughts on “More Stormy Seas

  1. Nice block as usual!
    Smudge is realizing that Lester is a good caretaker, his nursing skills are healing! My cats do that for each other but then suddenly turn around and chase each other.


  2. Aww, look at that so cute picture of Smudge. 🙂 And Cathi… you misplaced your POTC? Really? Silly girl. Your block that you offer up today is beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing this pulled together as the fabrics are divine!


  3. Those kitty pictures are spectacular – the boys look so “I’m all THAT!”, lol!

    It’s so funny you should mention the 250 calories – with Z being so well fleshed (ahem) I’ve been wondering how much dry food to cut out now that he gets tuna every day – I just checked his diet food and it’s 263 kcal per cup … we restrict him to a cup a day … the vet told us years ago to give him 3/4 – 1 cup a day – I think he might be absorbing extra calories out of the air … he hasn’t lost an ounce in 5 years, LOL!!


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