Lost and Then Found

The POTC blocks, that is.  I was looking for a particular fabric and, along with finding it, found these blocks.  I knew they weren’t lost, just incredibly well tucked away.  It was a good thing I found them so easily as this is one of the projects that I’m determined to finish in 2011.

There aren’t many blocks that still need their cream hexagon frame, so I decided to add the framing hexagons to one block on Sunday.  It still needs the purple connecting squares, but those don’t take long to add.

The back:

The weekend was bitterly, bitterly cold.  We’re supposed to get somewhat warmer temperatures on Tuesday, so just have to get through today when they say we may have wind chills of -30 yet again.   I’ll be spending time this afternoon crawling around on our neighbour’s floor as I baste a couple of quilts, including the baby quilt.

On Saturday, we noticed Lester on the loveseat and had to take this picture.  Made us laugh to see his tail hanging straight down to the floor.

Smudge couldn’t resist an empty bag.   He was in it before we could turn around and we got this shot just shortly after he came back out.

9 thoughts on “Lost and Then Found

  1. So glad you dug out the POTC blocks. It is good to begin working on them again, I am sure. Really cold here yesterday too. I didn’t even bother to go out at all. I am glad that I made that choice too. My kitties love those bags too.


  2. Kitties love a bag to play in, don’t they! Lester looks as though he is turning his back on the world. It’s always a good feeling to fund things that were hidden. We are in for hot weather this week, 41 deg C on Wednesday – that’s about 106 deg F. I am hoping to survive………


  3. Love the colours and the white striped fabric in the block! Beautiful! -30… that sounds awfully cold. We’re having +7 degrees, so it feels like Autumn here. I would love some cold and sunny days, without the snow that is!

    Our furry friends can be photographed all day, can’t they! So cute!


  4. Love those POTC blocks! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt!
    It’s so cold here also and we had 6 inches of snow to keep things really cold. Got plowed out so that’s good!
    Exactly how long is that cat’s tail?? Looks like he has extensions!


  5. I am so glad you found your blocks. Seems I remember last year you were wondering where they were?

    They are beautiful and I can’t wait to see your POTC when it’s finished!


  6. It is so much fun to find hidden treasure. I have a free day again since freezing rain is predicted so I’m going to go through some deep piles and see what treasures I find.


  7. Hooray for finding the POTCs!! Amazing how well we can organize ourselves and then forget our great plan LOL. I look foward to seeing this one done, your blocks are sooooo gorgeous!!



  8. Whew – glad you found your POTCs – how many blocks do you have? Did you use the original smaller size or the newer larger one?

    That is a LONG tail! Wonder what it is about cats that they are compelled to climb into any box or bag that comes into the house!


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