Arcs for Pickle Dish Block

Seeing Karen Dianne’s beautiful Pickle Dish block done in Kaffe Fassett fabrics inspired me to get back to work on my Summer Picnic Dish.  Another dish actually got added to those already joined but we didn’t get a photo of that yet.

Putting together the arc/melon combination is something I really enjoy so I think I’ll concentrate on making the arcs for a bit and hopefully get the quilt top finished fairly quickly.  I’m not planning to make the Summer Picnic Dish larger than a lap quilt, so it shouldn’t take too long.

The back of an arc/melon combo.  I prefer to press the arc towards the melon as it ensures that the points of the triangles in the arcs stay as sharp as possible.

Over the past few days I’ve been trying to decide exactly what my goals for this year are as far as quilting goes.  While I have a number of projects on the go that I want to finish, I also want to start concentrating more on designing.  Sometimes I feel like I want to do it all, and I know that’s rather unrealistic.  I’ve flirted with these ideas:

  • make a series of two-colour quilts
  • make a series of heirloom baby quilts
  • concentrate on designing and learning EQ or some other drawing program
  • make a series of shabby chic quilts
  • make a series of batik quilts

It seems like a daunting list, and I’m sure I’ve left off some items.

The baby quilt was basted on Monday and the quilting of it will begin today.  It won’t take long as it’s not a big quilt, but I’d like to have it done and bound by the weekend.  Then I’ll just be waiting to hear what the baby’s name is to finish the label.  Other than the baby quilt and some hand piecing in the evenings, the balance of my quilting time this week is going to be spent on learning EQ.

It was incredibly cold again on Monday and the cats found cozy spots to curl up. Lester on the couch.

And Smudge was in a kitty bed.

9 thoughts on “Arcs for Pickle Dish Block

  1. Lists are easy but sometimes hard to complete when we get distracted with something new (I speak from experience LOL). I love that you are working on the Summer Pickle Dish, it’s one of my favorites :0)



  2. I bought a gorgeous paper-pieced fish pattern this summer, and the first half-second I saw your pickle dish, I was thinking it was a fish! There is a definite similarity, might be fun to play around with that some time. 🙂
    Incredible list. I have a list, too, but it only gets longer — haven’t figured out how to make it shorter yet.


  3. That sounds like a good plan to make a bunch of melon/arc pieces. Then when you get serious about putting it together, you will only have to make a few pieces to finish it. I love boxes full of pieces already done.


  4. I really like your fabric choices for this project. And so happy you found your POTC’s. When I misplace things which I “know” are in my house, I waste a lot of energy trying to think where they might be.


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