Five Pickled Ladies

These are probably the last of the Pickled Ladies I’ll get done this year, as I’m trying to limit myself to working only on the baby quilt until it’s done.  But I couldn’t resist making a few more of these blocks.  I have another 15 or so of the arcs ready to stitch to clamshells as soon as the baby quilt is finished.

The baby quilt is growing rapidly.  I didn’t quite meet my goal of finishing the piecing on Tuesday as I spent some time starting to sort out the pieces I’ll use for the edges.

The vet called us on Tuesday and is pleased with Smudge’s progress, as are we. We’re to try not syringe feeding him in the morning today and see if he eats enough on his own.  Once he’s eating enough on his own, our big hurdle is going to be getting him back on better food than the Kitty McDonald’s. We’re convinced he’s decided that syringe feeding is quite all right and would probably be content were we to continue doing that indefinitely.  Here he is resting after one of his feedings.

Lester was curled up in a kitty bed.

7 thoughts on “Five Pickled Ladies

  1. I’ll never tire of those lovely Pickled Ladies…they are so darling! Happy dancing about Smudge’s good reports! Wishing you great success with your next efforts to feed him!


  2. Lovely!

    And what’s not to like about Kitty Macdonalds? When Tigger was alive, one of the ways we were certain to get him to take pills was to break a MacD’s french fry in half and stuff a pill down one half. He’d scarf it without a second thought. Otherwise, he was known to let us give him the pill, walk a little bit away, look back and almost grin at us and then spit the pill out – and then keep walking. LOL

    I’m glad Smudge is doing better. 🙂


  3. Cathi,
    They are oh so pretty! I just love the fabrics you used:)

    Enjoy working on that baby quilt. I wish I had a baby to quilt one for. Keep putting the bug in our daughter’s ear, but I guess she’s pretty content with their little dog for a baby right now.

    Enjoy your new year!


  4. Smudge is probably lapping up the extra attention….what kitty wouldn’t? They know when they’re onto a good thing! Lester is watching, waiting and biding his time……Lovely Pickled Ladies!


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