Reading and More Reading

One of my favourite things to do is read.  Over the past year or so, I’ve found it more and more difficult to hold books of any size let alone huge ones like Ken Follett’s World Without End.  I finished Pillars of the Earth and wanted to read World Without End but the weight of it caused my wrists to start aching within minutes.  The one gift I really was hoping for this year was an eReader so I was thrilled to open the Kobo eReader.  The first book I got was the new Follett, Fall of Giants.

After about the first 10 pages, I was used to the page turning speed and wasn’t finding it a deterrent at all.  I’d read quite a few reviews and that seemed to be the biggest drawback but the new wireless Kobo is quick enough for me.  As it means I can read as much as I want without wrist pain I’m hoping that translates into fewer issues with my wrists.

Quite a bit more got added to the baby quilt Monday night and I’m on schedule to get the piecing finished by week’s end.  I may even have it finished other than the outer pieces by the time today is over.

Do you make a list of quilt goals for the new year?  I thought about doing that but realized, for me, it’s destined to be unsuccessful.  What I am going to try to do is set aside some small items that I make throughout the year into what I’m thinking of as the Christmas box and have them all done by the end of the summer.  This year I got nothing done for Christmas that I had hoped to do because, as usual, I had left everything to the end of the year.

Smudge was curled up with some friends on the couch.

Lester was caught relaxing on the couch.

10 thoughts on “Reading and More Reading

  1. Yippie! You got a new reader. Fantastic. 🙂 I’m so thrilled for you. Best news Cathi. You really needed this one.

    On the subject of list of quilt goals for the new year ~ for real? are you serious? Aww, I shouldn’t say that. I am going to be using my stash a lot more this year I know that. I see a dark blue quilt in my future. Maybe a rail fence. Something easy. I think someone is going to get that for xmas next year so I should really start now if I want to make it. Slow quilter, *karendianne.


  2. I’m happy you got the reader, anything to put less stress on the wrists so you can sew more.

    I don’t do resolutions but I try to reorganize at the beginning of the year with a goal of finishing more quilts and figuring out a way to do that.


  3. Cathi,
    So excited for you and your Kobo…I read on a NOOK, and I love it!! Very easy to get accustomed and so very to being spoiled by it all. My goal for the year in quilting is to get things organized…..right now I have a mess of a sewing room and anreally ashamed to let anyone see where I play.
    After that, I want to try a few new things and Inklingo is one. Hope you have a wonderful new year.


  4. I’ve thought about getting a Kindle or some such reader but haven’t really researched it yet. It will all depend on how much it is to down load books as I can get great deals at my book trader shop.



  5. I know you will love your e-reader! I have had a Kindle for about 2 years now and it really cuts down on the need for more book shelves! I find that there are a lot of free books out there to download and the best sellers are always a lot cheaper than buying the book, plus the advantage of the ability to carry several books in an easy to carry format!
    I always have several books dwonloaded that I read at the same time, plus all the “real” books I have going.
    And the topic of “quilt goals and lists”, seems like that topic was covered a while back and within a day or two it crumbled!:) But there is always hope! Ha!


  6. I got my KOBO last summer and I love it! I am on the go and it is so nice to have my reader with me for those moments here and there.
    I have seen quite a few bloggers asking about goals for 2011 and I am giving it some thought. I don’t want to create frustration for myself but it is good to have some direction. We shall see. Happy New Year!


  7. “Pillars of the earth” was a book I just loved and I must check the library to see if they have this one – I had forgotten, thank you for the reminder! Might have to read “Pillars” again though, it was some years ago and some of the story has escaped from my brain. No, I decided not to do lists or resolutions or whatever you like to call them, just to take each day at a time.


  8. Congratulations on getting an e-reader. So great to hear that it will ease the pain in your wrists. I have not read the Ken Follett books yet but they are in my never-ending pile of “to read” books. Smudge is looking more himself. I hope he is still on the mend. Lester looks so snuggly.


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