Baby Quilt, Take 2

I had already made a quilt for my cousin’s new addition to the family due in February, but realized it’s really too large for a newborn and is more of a lap quilt size.  I was playing with some ideas for another baby quilt, when I remembered this was partially done.  So on Boxing Day I got this out of the UFO pile and started adding to it.  It’s quick to stitch, so I’m hoping to have the top finished by the end of the week other than the final setting pieces around the edges. I have lots of diamonds and triangles of the right size already printed on ’30s prints, so will be able to use them for the edge pieces.

I’m very grateful I had started this and had put everything for it away together.  It was nice to be able to just pull out the box and have everything in one spot.  Within minutes of pulling the box out, I was stitching.  As much as I enjoyed making the blocks, I think because I didn’t have a recipient for it in mind it lost some of its appeal.  Now that I have a goal in mind, I’m excited about stitching it again.

Smudge continues to improve.  He’s starting to treat us to some of his crazy poses, like this one.

Lester is being a bit more dignified.

13 thoughts on “Baby Quilt, Take 2

  1. How fun to have the perfect project so handy!! You’ve always impressed me with how you organize your projects. I really need to follow your example :0)



  2. What a fun way to celebrate Boxing Day! Now you only have to add the frosting to this project and another wonderful quilt and much appreciated gift will be born! So happy Smudge is regaining ground and heading toward good health, however I’ll bet Lester will miss all the persnickety food bribe leftovers! 😉


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  4. The baby should love tracing those shapes with his/her fingers.
    Lester is always more dignified looking! Smudge is the super relaxed one. Anyway that is how their personalities come across in their photos.


  5. How wonderful that you already had something in progress that was just right. I’ve always loved that pattern, and the colors are perfect for a bright and cheery infant quilt.

    Yea Smudge!


  6. Hi Cathi

    Love the baby quilt. I finished one quilt completely and will add the binding to the other one when I visit my granddaughter later in January. At least she was able to take it home. We are home again after three days Christmas visiting and eating. What a great time of the year this is and the weather has been so co-operative for a change. We will have some overnight visitors later this week and then I hope to get at some serious quilting.

    Happy New Year’s. Talk to you n 2011.



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