Progress on Baby Quilt

It’s growing but not quite as quickly as I was thinking it would.  I’m still hoping to have the piecing finished by the time the weekend is over and, with any luck, have it ready to quilt by mid-week next week.  I got distracted from stitching as we were watching the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland last night. Normally, I watch/listen and stitch with no problems but that was so well done that there was much less stitching done than normal.

Smudge did eat a bit on his own on Wednesday, but not enough.  So the syringe feeding continues.  We are more and more convinced he has decided he likes being fed and have jokingly renamed him Pasha Puss. He doesn’t mind the syringe feeding at all, puts up no fuss about it and basically just lies or sits there while he’s being fed.  Next we think he’ll be expecting us to peel him grapes!  I’m not altogether sure what this look is saying other than perhaps, “I’m very comfortable here, so please bring my food in liquid form and feed me!”

Lester is quite interested in the syringe feeding and usually is right there supervising.

10 thoughts on “Progress on Baby Quilt

  1. The baby quilt is so lovely! Adore the scrappy color variations…just perfect! Glad you found some distraction watching the delightful version of Alice in Wonderland…good rest for your wrist…and takes your mind off Smudge! I’m sure he’s still mending and it takes a bit of time…although the “peel me a grape” idea sounds appealing! Won’t happen in my lifetime…but I could wish! ;-))))


  2. I hope Smudge is okay.

    Your baby quilt is coming along a treat. Considering it’s hand stitched I’d say you’re doing great with it (knowing how many other projects you’re working on at the same time too ;))
    Beats my progress hands down (if you’ll pardon the pun,LOL)

    Bunnykisses to Smudge and Lester 🙂 hugs Ellyx


  3. Hello Cathi! Oh your wonderful quilt look so difficult! You are very good with those complicated patterns!
    I wish you Happy New Year and kisses for your beautiful cats! xxx Teje


  4. Have you checked youtube for videos of cats drinking from a baby bottle? At least they can hold it for themselves?! Here’s one:

    I know you like to read, do you also like to listen to audio books? I thought of you today when I saw the latest Ken Follett on audio cd at the library today (I’m still working through his first cathedral book so don’t dare start the next series yet.)


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