September Clamshell Report

Over the past month I have been working on these 6″ pickled clamshell blocks almost exclusively.  So far, there are 25 of  them done.  I first saw the block on Barbara Brackman’s blog back in June and fell in love with it.  When the Inklingo collections for the clamshell pickles came out, I got an idea almost immediately about the florals for the clamshells and black and white for the arcs surrounding each.  I’m calling this the Pickled Ladies quilt as I have visions of some very elegant, almost Audrey Hepburn-like, ladies in an upscale Art Deco bar.  Once I got the idea, I immediately started going through my stash for florals that I could fussy cut/print for the clamshells.  With the aid of a window template, which was easy to prepare by just printing one shape on a piece of paper that was 5.25″ x 6.5″, I was able to quickly cut my fabrics and print the clamshell templates on the back of each.

Stitching the blocks is much simpler than they may appear.  Putting each arc together is just lots of quick continuous stitching.  Adding an arc to each clamshell is a very quick stitch.  Stitching the pickled ladies together hasn’t begun yet as this will be at least a lap-sized quilt, if not larger, and I know I’ll want to play with the placement of them once the piecing is finished.

With the 11″ clamshell pickle collection, I have started this sunshiny quilt but I’m using an alternate setting and various colours for the end pieces of the arcs so that a little star-type shape appears at the intersection.  While I haven’t added to this in a week or so, it won’t take long to get this to a good size for a lap quilt.  Maybe in October I can tear myself away from the Pickled Ladies to add a few more blocks to this so there’s some progress.

That said, I have lots of clamshells printed and ready to stitch more Pickled Ladies.

As well as the pieces needed for a number of the arcs.

To see more clamshell quilts, go to Cybele’s Patch here and you’ll see the list of those participants in the clamshell club who have posted their progress this month.

Wednesday evening we were cooking some chicken for dinner.  Almost the entire time it was cooking, Smudge was sitting in the kitchen staring at the oven and meowing.  He seemed a bit impatient to get the bit of chicken we always give them when we cook it.

Lester was somewhat more restrained and just sat on the back of the pink loveseat staring into the kitchen.

25 thoughts on “September Clamshell Report

  1. Oh my goodness! They’re both going to be true heirloom pieces! I love the teeny stars on the large pickled clams and your ladies are divine. I’m not entirely sure I believe you about the arcs being easier than they look, maybe with another 5 or 10 years’ quilting experience I’ll be less awestruck.


  2. Ahhh the oven watcher. I have two of them. :o) & Since the slighest thing will tip the toddler off & make him throw salmon, chicken, beef, they also sit on the floor near his chair waiting for manna from heaven.


  3. Cathi, I love, love, love your Pickled Ladies quilt. I’ve been following along but don’t get the arc picture. I’m semi-new to quilting. Could you please explain.


  4. Cathi…the pickled ladies are amazing. I don’t think I could stop with a lap size quilt, I would want a quilt to fit my bed!
    Absolutely beautiful…right up there with the quilt you made for your Aunt!!!
    Hope you got some of the chicken too!!


  5. Cathi, you are really moving along with these Pickled Ladies. It is going to be a spectacular quilt. I love the picture of Smudge watching the oven. Did he enjoy his treat? Have a good day. Winona


  6. I may have to try out this type of clamshell one day . . . I know you say they’re easy, but I might need a break after I finish my regular clamshell quilt. They look great, and I totally see the Audrey Hepburn. 🙂


  7. Adorable funny cats!
    You know I am almost drewling over the laptop by viewing your Pickled Ladies? Such beauties. Your quilts are always beautiful but I have a feeling this one going to be really stunning!


  8. Oh my goodness, Cathi. I LOVE the quilt. It is going to be absolutely gorgeous when it’s done. I really need to get that collection. [sigh]

    Our 2 cats turn up their noses at cooked meat, but will sit, just like Smudge, watching and waiting for raw morsels while we are preparing any sort of meat.



  9. Hello Cathi! Your Pickled Ladies look lovely…you have done fine and very carefully work! It’s always so much fun to watch our furry friends! Ours love also chicken and they all know well the word ‘kotopulo’ (chicken in greek)!
    Have a lovely weekend! Teje


  10. Oh Cathi, you know I love your pickled ladies… I’m drooling and I want them 😀
    Ok, that was honest :p

    Maybe you should send them to me for a closer inspection 😉
    Love your work!! Love it!!


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