Pickled Ladies 8 and 9

Stitching these blocks is well underway for this week.  First, this rich red one.  And its back:

This one isn’t quite the right colour, as it’s more a green than the brown it appears in this photo.

And its back:

On Saturday we were out doing some shopping.  As we were coming home, we ended up behind a Model T truck much like the one below that was in absolutely fabulous shape.  The truck had some wooden alcohol barrels rolling around the back. Although we didn’t realize this when we were behind it, but did when we pulled up beside it, inside the cab were a man and woman dressed in prohibition era clothing. That was when we saw “Boardwalk Empire” written on its side.

Ford Model T Truck

Image via Wikipedia

We had great weather on the weekend — a lovely late summer weekend and, from the sounds of our forecast, we will have a few more days of summer-like temperatures this week. The cats, however, are in their fall/winter snooze mode. Lester with a teddy bear and frog:

And Smudge in a kitty bed with a couple of toys nearby.

6 thoughts on “Pickled Ladies 8 and 9

  1. You’re getting some darks in there – love your collection of Shabby Chic florals – makes me want to do one too – I have a small collection. Hummm… maybe I should buy some more while I am in the US – we leave on Wednesday – I’ll add it to my ever growing list!!


  2. Oooo love the red one….red is good LOL. We have vintage vehicles around our little town all the time. There are several guys that love to restore them. They are fun to see.



  3. Isn’t that red fabric dramatic with the black and white! For some reason green fabric doesn’t always photograph well – I used to work for a quilt magazine and even their photography wasn’t always true to colour with green. I like old vehicles, trains etc; they have more character than new ones.


  4. Oh my, the red one is STUNNING! It’s my favorite to-date. Have you heard of people using velvet for quilts? I think using velvet for your pickled ladies would be gorgeous, if that’s possible to do.


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