A Week of Clamshells in Review

The pickled clams of one sort or another have clearly taken over!  Thanks to Inklingo, these blocks are very simple to stitch — but without it, I can’t imagine tackling them.  Another four of the pickled star clams were added this week, creating a new blue star at the intersection.  It’s difficult to get a good shot without a design wall as it is growing rather quickly.  I’m thinking it’s not going to take long to make this lap quilt as this one is being made with the 11″ clamshells.

A close-up of the little star shows that it too has a very gentle curve along one edge of each piece.

The back.

All the Pickled Ladies done so far.  There are another 15 or so fussy cut/printed clamshells waiting for their arcs.   On the weekend, I’m going to go through more of the shabby chic fabrics looking for others that will work for the fussy cutting/printing.

Thursday was a rainy, dark, dismal day and the kitties were snoozing.  However, earlier in the week we took a series of photos of each of them on the windowsill. Lester was looking out the window.

While Smudge was posing and showing off his magnificent tail.

20 thoughts on “A Week of Clamshells in Review

  1. I just love watching this progress! The “ladies” are beautiful, and I love the playfulness of the the little stars!! Of course we look forward to our daily fix of Lester and Smudge….. 😉 Sandy


  2. Wow! The shabby chic ladies win my heart hands down! Those fabrics are so lovely! The first ladies are delightful, but I’m so old school about coordinating, that I’d have picked one of the deep reds in yellow print for that corner star. Shows what I know, huh? 😉 I also straighten pictures on walls and center things! Kitties, looking great too!


  3. Wow, Cathi.

    I haven’t been by in a couple of days for which I apologize.

    Again, all I can say is, WOW! Those pickled ladies and clam shell blocks are simply to die for! I just can’t imagine the work that’s involved.

    I’m so happy I stopped by. Look what I would have missed!


  4. Hi Cathi,

    Yes, something fishy is going on at the server side. ARRRGH! Sorry about that. You might try again tomorrow. Husband couldn’t do anything about it until the morning if the problem doesn’t fix itself.


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