Fall Fabric & Pickled Lady 6

A fall or a leaf quilt has never been something that I’ve thought of doing.  But then I came across these fabrics in my stash.  They are so perfect for a fall quilt that I can’t resist them.  What kind of pattern, though?  I remember some of the wonderful Japanese hexagon quilts I’ve seen online and in books and keep thinking that perhaps some hexagons falling on to the ground might be my version of a fall quilt. Maybe.

Or perhaps a Winding Ways quilt.  I’m leaning towards that as I’d love to make something in the Winding Ways pattern again, but this time with the smaller blocks. There’s a cream batik in my stash that would work with these fabrics.  Starting the fall quilt won’t happen immediately as I really want to keep going with the Pickled Ladies  and the Pickled Clam Star blocks, but these fabrics are going to be kept together and a note is now in my ideas book.

The sixth Pickled Lady block is done.  Again in a favourite fabric.

The back:

Tuesday was a gloriously sunny day and both kitties were watching out the window. Smudge at one end:

And Lester at the other:

12 thoughts on “Fall Fabric & Pickled Lady 6

  1. Yum, wonderful fabrics! Can hardly wait to see what tickles your needle and creative juices produce! I adore autumn and seem to collect fabrics from that season often, but never seem to find the “perfect” pattern to use them! You’ve got the best “watch cats” in the neighborhood, I’d guess! Darlings!


  2. Love love love the autumn fabrics…….gorgeous colours….did I mention that fall is my favourite season? I am making Bear’s Paw blocks with my autumn leaf fabrics, the paws look a bit like leaves. Those pics of the kitties are great!


  3. Hi Cathi
    Your 6th pickled lady looks wonderful as do the fall fabrics. Winding ways sound like a great idea. I wonder if they would alternate well with some hexagons?
    I’ve 3 more clams to complete my clamshell block then I can sash it but it is so clammy hot here at my mums my fingers are swollen stiff.
    It’s good to have your blog to read 🙂 ellyx


  4. These are so pretty. I can’t wait to see them all put together..
    I like your idea of falling leaves. It puts me in mind of a koi pond .. Maybe it’s the colors


  5. Your fall fabrics are perfect for the season. I saw a couple trees changing color already that are still part green, just like your fabrics. Oh there are so many possibilities. Something with triangles would be nice, but then that is a whole big group, LOL.


  6. I’ve always wanted to do a Maple Leaf quilt in Autumn colours. Your fabrics are absolutely gorgeous. If you’re not going to consider a Maple Leaf (ha ha), I vote for the Winding Ways pattern. Love that one too. ;o)

    Your Pickled Clam Shells are beautiful. I love seeing each and every new one.


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