Pickled Ladies 5

Another blue one — and another favourite print.  I’ve had this fabric in my shabby chic stash for ages and have used little pieces of it in every shabby chic quilt I’ve made.

The back:

Monday started out rather cool but turned into a lovely mild sunny day.  That said, the heat  was back on when the sun went down.  I suppose I really shouldn’t find this so surprising as it’s not uncommon for us to go from having heat on in the morning to having the a/c on by afternoon in May or June, but it just seems like fall arrived very suddenly this year.

Lester is still finding the windowsill attractive as there are still lots of birds out on the roof garden for him to watch.

Smudge, on the other hand, is all about finding spots where he can curl up and snooze.

8 thoughts on “Pickled Ladies 5

  1. Boy, you really are going to town with your pickled ladies. They really look great! Hasn’t this been great sleeping weather? We haven’t yet turned on the heat, but I have been tempted. Soon, I suppose.


  2. Cathi, these are ALL so very pretty!!! I love that you also have a favorite fabric and put some of it in each quilt. I do that, too, and will mourn and cry huge crocodile tears when that one particular fabric is all gone and used up. Actually, I have a few fabrics that meet that qualification!

    Anyway, I’ve been peeking at your projects and am truly enjoying them! So very very pretty!

    ~ Ronda


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