Pickled Ladies Quilt, Block 2

These blocks are addictive.   I think I may end up changing out 2 of the black and white triangles in this one as, while there is a touch of black in the two, there’s not quite enough contrast to their neighbouring white triangles.  I’ll leave that decision for a bit as it may just work with the whole pickled ladies story.

The back:

The Pickled Ladies story is based on an image I have in my mind of  a very elegantly dressed Audrey Hepburn-like lady with an absolutely smashing hat sitting in an art deco bar.  It goes on from there and will probably involve Daphne, the martini-drinking duck previously seen here, before it’s over.

Tuesday was a gorgeous day with lots of brilliant sunshine and warmth.   I know our days of summer are quickly drawing to a close but am resisting the idea of switching out summer clothing for fall as long as I possibly can.  Denial seems to be my middle name when it comes to the colder weather.

On Monday, we finally saw a squirrel out on the roof garden for the first time this summer.  Since then, Lester has been spending time on the windowsill keeping an eye out for the squirrel.

Smudge in one of the almost headless cat shots.  Notice he has toys strewn all about within paw’s reach for when he wakes up.

9 thoughts on “Pickled Ladies Quilt, Block 2

  1. Yes, your pickled ladies look fabulous. But I do agree that changing out a few of the triangles may be a good idea. That was the first thing that I noticed in those two pieces. Definitely higher contrast. I also think that summer is going away way too fast. I wish it would hang on for just a little more.


  2. Thumbs up on these blocks! Just great! Oh my, I do envy Smudge…would like to curl up like that when the cold winter weather moves in! Until then, I’ll watch squirrels with Lester! (and dream about quilts…and rooftop parties! 😉


  3. I wouldn’t worry about it Cathi – if you are going to be using black and white prints for all of the points it will just add interest. But you won’t be able to tell if you like the effect until there are more – just wait and see.

    Love the pictures of the martini drinking Daphne – so clever!!


  4. Now that you mention it, these blocks do look rather Art Deco. Reminds me of the top of the Chrysler Building in NYC. My favorite building ever. What a great theme/story to go with the quilt


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