Pickled Star Clams

This was one of the other ideas that I couldn’t resist with the Pickled Clamshell collections.  At each intersection of 4 pickled clamshells a little sparkly star will appear.  For this one, I’m using the 11″ size and plan on making it 66″ x 66″.  I’m using four colours for the little stars — lime green, a darker green, blue and purple. There are starfish so I figure these are star clams, even if they are pickled!  If you click on the photo to enlarge it, the star shows up a bit better.

Because I’m using four different colours for the little stars, sorting out which colour to use for each end piece in the arcs was my first step.  With each of the Clamshell Pickle collections there are layout pages which are invaluable when planning a quilt like this.  I worked out my colour placement over the weekend, and started stitching.  As I complete each pickled clam, I check it off on the layout page and can tell at a glance what pieces to use at the ends of the next arc.  The back:

Wednesday was a rather unsettled day — cool with sunshine in the morning which was quickly replaced by clouds and windy conditions in the afternoon.   We have tickets for the Jays game tonight and, as I don’t think it will be very warm at all, I’ll be grateful the roof is closed!

Wednesday was a find a cozy spot and snooze day for the kitties.  Lester in one cat bed.

And Smudge in another with a toy or two close by.

19 thoughts on “Pickled Star Clams

  1. WOW! These look FABULOUS!
    hugs Elly
    From unbearably hot south Spain
    I made clam soup today and sewed a couple too :-))
    also a bit of appliqué on a tisket basket : )


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