Fabric Combinations

Now that I’ve got those two pieces of gold fabric out on my sewing table, I couldn’t resist choosing some other fabrics to see how well they went together.  I’m not sure just what yet, but I think this grouping or at least part of it will find its way into a design.

Then I had to try those same fabrics with the other gold fabric.  Now that I have some combinations to play with, I can let my mind wander a bit and see if I come up with the perfect design to use these in.

The second row of the baby quilt is now joined to the first.  It’s going together easily, so I feel pretty confident I can have the little quilt that will be 40 x 48 inches finished by no later than mid-September.  I’d love to use the silk batting in the baby quilt but, as that will undoubtedly be a quilt that gets a lot of washing, I guess I’d better stick with a cotton batt.  I got spoiled with the silk batt as it makes fabric wrestling aka machine quilting so much easier.   We have nothing in particular planned for this weekend, so I’m hoping to get a lot accomplished on the baby quilt.  I’d love to get it to the point of being half put together by the end of the weekend, but that may be too optimistic.

Lester makes it easy to take good pictures — he will stay still and look right at the camera.

Smudge has always posed for the camera.

13 thoughts on “Fabric Combinations

  1. Do you know what you are going to make with this combination of fabrics?? Try pulling one of the greens and put a darker value green in. Think it would make things pop for you. Love your blog Cathi.


  2. The fabric combos are gorgeous. But I think I agree with Sandi, a darker value green might play nicely with the others. Happy sewing this weekend. Love the cute pictures of the Lester and Smudge.


  3. Make that two that agree with Sandi – I’d take out the green on the far left and replace it with a darker one – the second from the left is great because it has a bit of peach. I prefer the first combination – the fabric with the larger flowers

    Lester looks like he is about to say something.


  4. I like that grouping of fabrics more with the second gold than the first. The first fabric makes me think of using more primary colors…..IMHO :0)

    It sounds like you are making great progress with the baby quilt. I can hardly wait until you are able to show us what you are making!!



  5. Gorgeous fabrics Cathi and you’ve had some wonderful pictures of where you live in your last few posts (just catching up after a hectic week 😉

    As always I’ve enjoyed me read and seeing your kitties 🙂 thank you, hugs Ellyx

    ps I’m not a green person so I would probably only have one green in and add more yellows and various colours from the red colour spectrum… like pinks peaches right through to the yellow.. 😉


  6. I love these colors together. I would have to agree that a darker green somewhere in there would add some pop.

    The kitties just make me wish I could pet them. I love kitties!!!


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  8. Hi Cathi,

    My email to you was bounced back… I have been having trouble sending emails to yahoo accounts this weekend. Don’t know if yours was the same problem. Very aggravating.

    Anyway, this was what I initially sent you:
    Thanks, Cathi – I think I am going to use buttons for the center of the
    flowers… so far, a fabric center is just not doing it for me.


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