A New Cutting Mat

I really like the light-coloured cutting mats and, as my older green one was starting to get rather worn and we were near the art store, I got this new 12 x 18 mat on the weekend.  I’ve learned to shop for cutting mats at the art shop for a few reasons.  They’re a lot less expensive (this one cost $7), they’re actually somewhat thicker and  they don’t have the unpleasant chemical odour that the green ones I’ve bought in the quilt shops always seem to have.  The last time we were at a quilt shop, we both noticed a really overwhelming smell at one section of the store and once we looked around realized that it was coming from the cutting mats that were right behind that section of the shop.

The baby quilt top is almost at the halfway point now.  I’m amazed at just how quickly it’s coming together and am now hoping to have it finished before the month ends.  I have an idea for another baby quilt but want to make it in something other than ’30s prints. I’m playing with the idea of doing something with shirting and reproduction prints but am a bit concerned it may be too somber for a baby quilt.

On Saturday we drove up a roadway that is lined by trees on both sides and it really looks like some of the trees are starting to show signs of fall colours.  Not a lot, but some.  It seems there are signs we may have an early fall.  I talked to a friend who had been up to cottage country and she said that there are definite signs of an early fall up there.

We were cat sitting Winnie on the weekend.  We got this photo of her.

At one point on the weekend, Smudge was curled up in a cat bed with a group of kitty toys.

While Lester was relaxing on the couch.

10 thoughts on “A New Cutting Mat

  1. So true the mats do have an odor. You will have to give a review of your new mat. Poor Winnie, she looks really sad. She must miss her humans. While on the other hand Smudge and Lester look quite content.


  2. I’ve never noticed the smell from my cutting mat but then it is very old.. I like the light colour of your new one. I use an omnigrid mat which has a plain grey side which I use mostly.
    Ahhhh Winnie does look adorable but looks like she’s missing her humans.
    Smudge as cute and gorgeous as ever and Lester looking very wise and all knowing in this picture… he is beautiful.
    I’ve heard rumours that we may have snow as early as September. If so then I hope it happens while I’m away in Spain 😉 The nights are certainly cutting in here.


  3. I never thought of going to an art store to get a mat. I like the light color of yours. Is it self healing too? What brand is it?

    So many questions LOL.



  4. Yes, the mats have an odor and you have to wonder if it’s good for you. I’m sure it isn’t!

    If you used the right repros for a baby quilt I don’t think they would be too somber. I love them.

    Our trees are showing some signs around here and because our summer was so hot and dry I am thinking fall will be wet and cold. Isn’t that how it works? lol


  5. it seems some shipments of mats have more odors than others. When I worked at the quilt shops I can remember a couple times that we were ready to set the mats outdoors for awhile.


  6. I bought a new mat a couple of months ago, but I spent alot more than $7. I will have to remember to look in an art store next time. Winnie is cute. How did you get your boys to let another kitty stay with you for a while? Maybe your boys are better behaved than my girls. LOL Callie and Buddy are getting along better, but Aeris is still hiding out. Have a good day. Winona


  7. I’ve never been to an art store, so didn’t know they sold mats. Are they marked with inches as the quilt mats are? I’ve never noticed an odor with mine, but I’m starting to get grooves where I cut, and now that I’ve turned it around, that end is getting grooves, too.

    I think there’s a new mat in my future, too.


  8. Thanks for the cutting mat suggestion. I dont know why I did not think that artists would have a need for one. I dont use the lines anyway.


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