Golden Fabric

There are two fabrics that have been in my stash for ages.  The first one I have an idea for that will work with 2 or 3 red/coral tone fabrics to match those colours in the flowers.  

This second one I bring out and look at periodically and try to decide what pattern and what other fabrics will showcase it.

Row one of the baby quilt is stitched together.  There are 11 rows in total.  My guesstimate is that it will take 3 evenings to add each set of two rows.  So if the estimate is right and I really dedicate my stitching time to just the baby quilt, I should have the top finished within two and a half or three weeks.  It took ages on Wednesday to lay the blocks and the sashing elements out and move them around a bit to get a nice balance.  No design wall meant using the mattress cover, which actually works rather well and there’s an added benefit — I can shut the door and work on the layout without four-footed helpers.

On Monday when we were right downtown, Mr. Q.O. took a photo of the skyline.  And this one of the CN Tower.

And while we were at it, this shot of the gargoyles on the Rogers Centre, also known as the Dome, where the Toronto Jays play baseball.

And the Air Canada Centre where both hockey and basketball are played.  The orange cones in the photo?  In Toronto, we have two seasons — winter and road construction season.  As it’s not winter, there’s all sorts of construction and road repairs going on and wherever that’s happening the cones appear.

This is the first time we’ve been able to get a photo of the two kitties sitting together like this. I love the look on their faces.

16 thoughts on “Golden Fabric

  1. Pretty fabric! I hope that your estimate works out. Ultimately something always gets in my way and what I want to happen doesn’t seem to take place.

    So that is the Rogers Centre from outside. Beautiful! I am usually only seeing it from the inside when I watch the Red Sox play Toronto. Love the photo of the kitties together.


  2. ANOTHER QUILT?? Love that shade of yellow! What a fantastic photo of Lester and Smudge – that’s a first – they are rarely photographed together. Hope the construction of the baby quilt goes as planned – I know you are anxious to get back to your other projects.


  3. Not always easy to find a project for a specific fabric (the other ways isn’t neither).
    As for my furry friends, they look like my two boys watching TV ! 😉


  4. Wow, your city looks lovely! What great photos!!

    You are really crankin’ out your quilt projects! I’m envious. I’m such a slow poke. But, I am steadily working away in between the yard work and construction projects going on around here.

    I went ahead and bought myself EQ7! I had to buy a really cheap laptop to go with it since I’m a Mac user, but this version looks way easier than when I had EQ4!!

    Enjoy your day of stitching!



  5. I am sure whatever you decide to do with these fabrics it will be spectacular. I need to get some kits together to use when at appointments or on break at work.
    LOVE the picture of the kitties together…so adorable.


  6. Oh Cathi, you should frame that pictures of the furbabies. I love it. That golden fabric is very pretty. I love anything that even hints of fall. (grin) Have a good one. Winona


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  8. It appears that they have similar seasons over here in England. 🙂

    Hi to you and Mr. QO from not-so-sunny Warwickshire, and scritches to the kitties!


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