Another One-Flower Wednesday

The missing container of hexagons was finally found.   The photo only shows about half the hexagons that are actually contained in there, all .50″ hexagons.  So after what seems like weeks, I was able to make one little flower to add to my garden for One Flower Wednesday.

The back:

This time I tried a different stitching sequence than my normal and found that it’s much faster.  Linda Franz posted this video on stitching hexagons on her blog last week and after watching it, I figured I’d try that stitching sequence.  It definitely makes a difference.

The pieced blocks for the baby quilt are finished.  As soon as I finish some work today, I’m going to lay them all out with the sashing elements and get started putting the top together.  It’s pretty clear now I won’t finish it by the end of August, but I’m still going to try for by the middle of September.

Was something going on with Blogger blogs on Tuesday?  I was able to leave comments on a few blogs early in the day but then had difficulties later in the day leaving comments.

The following two photos are of Queen’s Park — a park near our provincial legislature which is also called Queen’s Park.  It’s a beautiful park with lots and lots of lovely trees and just a short walk from here.

A view north towards Queen’s Park, the legislature building, from University Avenue:

Another view, as one goes further north on University Avenue:

I noticed that some of the leaves on the trees on the roof garden are turning yellow and falling already.  It’s still quite warm, but the light is definitely changing.

Smudge is getting into cooler weather mode, I think, wanting lots of lap time.

A rather soft focus shot of Lester:

19 thoughts on “Another One-Flower Wednesday

  1. Your flower is oh so beautiful! I love the different colors in each petal.
    Lovely photos of your park too! Looks like a nice place for a walk:)

    Have a great day


  2. So glad you found your hexies!! It is nice to get back to work on something you love. Again, what a wonderfully picturesque city you live in. Apparently something is wrong with blogger. I was no longer receiving comments in my e-mail box. They added some sort of spam filter and everything has gone haywire. I wrote to them and got a quick response, but they can’t seem to figure out the problem.


  3. Leaves changing colour already? They can’t be, surely! Love the pics of TO too, they definitely bring back memories. Your little hexies are so cute, but I still haven’t succumbed.


  4. Cathi….Toronto is such a lovely city. Makes me want to move until I think about your winters. LOL
    I have noticed in the states the further North one goes, the greener the greens. Guess that has to do with the freezes. Sure enjoy the pics.


  5. Glad you found the hexies – that’s a lot of teeny hexes and such pretty colors! I watched the video and noticed that Linda’s stitching sequence is different from the way I have been doing it – her way looks faster . Now all I need is another hexagon project.


  6. Hooray for finding your Hexes and a new sewing sequence. It’s amazing how little changes makes a big difference.

    Google is launching a spam filter for comments which is probably why you were having issues.



  7. I’m glad you found the ‘safe’ place you put your hexies. It is too bad everything can’t be on the front of the shelf in clear view.
    That park looks like a nice place to stroll through. your city definitely likes green.


  8. Oh Cathi!! What a lot of hexagons hihi, I know what you will be doing this coming winter hihi!! Too bad I am not able to open the video! Can you please tell me what programm is used? Love your flower!! XXXD


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