Spools and More Spools

I couldn’t resist making a couple more spools in yet another size.  These finish at 3 3/8″.  I still prefer the small ones but think I’ll probably end up making a quilt that incorporates all three sizes, although the small ones will be the predominant ones.

Here are all three of the sizes I’ve made together with 3 actual spools of thread in different sizes.  I think of them as economy size, large and regular spools.

It was Mr. Q.O.’s birthday yesterday.  About ten years ago, we found this little music box in a store called “The Elegant Garage Sale.”   When wound up, it plays “Happy Birthday.”  Once we saw the teddy bears in it, there was no question it was coming home with us.  It’s now our tradition to wind it up and play it on our birthdays.

The detail on this is incredible.  Here you can see the little birthday cake with the candle.

And here’s one of the little teddy bears who had been into the cake, it seems.  He’s given away by the icing on his fur.

The boys were relaxing after a day of helping Mr. Q.O. celebrate his birthday.  If you look closely, you can see that Smudge has been drinking — the fur on his face is still a bit damp.

Lester was doing what he does best — stretched out, relaxing.

12 thoughts on “Spools and More Spools

  1. Happy Day after the birthday mr Q.
    I do love the spools!
    are you going to make three different sizes? I can;t decide if mine should have white outsides or be all colors. decisions, decisions.


  2. Hope you had a lovely Birthday, Mr Q “…many moooore!”
    What a beautiful tradition you have…

    ok…let’s get down to business:
    HOW AWESOME are those SPOOLS!
    Oh I can’t wait to see more or them and how you are planning to use them…
    This so sooooo exciting!
    I am so happy we are doing this together!


  3. Yay!! Happy Birthday to Mr. Q!! I am sure he had just a wonderful day. What a great little tradition with the music box. I love the different size spools. They are sweet all lined up. I think when you vary the size of any block it always adds more interest in a quilt.


  4. You know me, I love all three sizes together but this time I’m really in love with the fabrics you chose! Wowie Zowie!!!

    Cathi, that little music box is SO MAGICAL. Thanks for sharing all that detail. Enjoyable. Happy Bday to Mr. QO.


  5. Cathi, incorporating three size of the blocks would make the COOLEST spool quilt I have ever seen.

    And what a sweet birthday tradition. Hmmm… that gives me an idea for Baby’s birthday tradition. You mind me copying your tradition? 😉


  6. Happy belated birthday to Mr QO!

    I love the bigger squares in the larger spools, they look more like spools than the little ones. I can’t help seeing a bow tie in the little ones…LOL!


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