Farmer’s Delight Beginning

Now that the Olympics are over and I’ve put the spools aside until Saturday, I’m back to working on the Farmer’s Delight blocks.  This is the beginning of the next block. I have the outer strip of triangles to put together then I’ll stitch the two triangle strips together before joining them to the centre.  While the block looks quite complex it is, thanks to Inklingo, amazingly quick and easy to put together.  All the triangles in this block have a curve of some sort on one edge.  When I’m putting the triangle strips together, it’s just lots and lots of lovely continuous stitching.  This shot shows the back of the first triangle strip.

Has anyone else been running into problems leaving comments on blogs?  I’m finding it impossible to leave comments on 5 or 6 of my favourite Blogger/Blogspot blogs.  It started out with just one last week and now has grown to 5 or 6.  I’ve tried using different browsers on both the Mac and the PC, but no success.  The one thing I’ve noticed is that when I click on a couple of them, a small window pops up asking whether it’s okay to allow the Lucinda font.

Lester was very busy Tuesday watching a grackle pecking away at the lawn on the roof garden.  After watching for quite a while, he had to have a rest on the windowsill.  I think we’re back to the windowsill shots for a few months.

While Smudge was back in the kitty bed after having had another swim in the water bowl.

10 thoughts on “Farmer’s Delight Beginning

  1. That has to be one of my favorite blocks that you are making. I love it. Probably because it has spikes. Lester looks like he just did a little too much reading. As far as being able to get on the blogs, on my Mac sometimes I also get that little box about the font. If you just say allow, everything comes up fine. For whatever reason, that particular font may not be part of your database in the computer. The font that it asks me about is Calibri.


  2. Another pretty block in the works Cathi :0)

    I haven’t had any problems with posting to blogs but Jackie seems to have the fix for you.



  3. Can’t help you with comment adding problem…I’m too new at this blogging thing. I am in awe of your Farmer’s Delight block…will be gorgeous. I would also like to say although I am allergic to cats, I love them…your Smudge has caught my eye. Is he as laid back as he looks?


  4. This is so weird — That’s the next block I’m going to make — the 3rd one that Ann Champion selected from the old Ladies Art catalog. I love the colors you selected — something about this pattern with its curves in the inside and the spikes on the outside — I just love it. Nice work, Cathi!


  5. Beautiful!!!

    I have occasionally had trouble leaving comments on blogspot using the open id option with wordpress. I used to have trouble leaving comments sometimes on your blogspot. You just have to keep hitting the send comments, it will eventually work (at least it did for me).


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