Economy-Size Spools

Saturday, after making some of the small spool blocks, I decided I would try some larger ones so printed out the shapes for and pieced a few of them while we watched the Academy Awards last night.

When I looked at the size of these ones I immediately thought they were the economy-size spools!  They seem enormous compared to the little ones I was making Saturday.  These big ones finish at 5″ while the little ones finish at 2 3/8″.  Mr. Q.O. likes the big ones as well as the small ones.  I prefer the smaller ones, although that may be a result of the fabrics I’ve used to try out the large ones.

Here you can see the difference in size.

And here, as usual, is the back — this time of one of the large blocks.

We have had the most glorious weather the past few days.  Sunny, mild with temperatures around 10 or 11 Celsius and no wind.  They say today may be even a touch milder.  Our long-range forecast makes it sound as though spring is really here.  We may have some cooler days but I think winter is, for all intents and purposes, finished.  And there’s another sure sign of spring — the window washers have started so hopefully we’ll have nice clean windows within a week or two.

Lester is ready for spring.  He was stretched out on the windowsill, although there’s not much to watch out on the roof garden yet.

Smudge patiently waiting until time for his yogourt treat.

16 thoughts on “Economy-Size Spools

  1. Your spools look fantastic!! They really are a great block and will look great in a finished quilt. We also had very mild weather this weekend. I even went outside for a walk, that is saying a lot since I don’t like the cold. Cheers to Lester and Smudge!!


  2. Your blocks are beautiful. Are you going to use them together ?
    Here, it has started to snow a little bit. Winter is not finished yet ! Have a nice day.


  3. Those larger spools must feel very strange to work on after doing the little ones LOL. I’m afraid winter isn’t done yet in North Dakota :0(



  4. Oh Cathi how neat! How totally neat to see those three together. The smalls and the big one. Oh wow! Oh friend, I am so taken with what you’ve go on hand here. I have no idea how you’re going to make up your mind! I mean, aren’t you thinking maybe a combo? How cute! Surely it’s crossed your imagination. Whew… I’m excited you can tell that!


  5. I am one of those single minded quilters…point the way and I’ll go…never thought of two things…different colour for the centre of the spool and a larger centre for the spool.. Thanks for sharing. You realize now that I am going to more..much more..


  6. Cathi – I love to see your blocks and I love that you show the back as well. But my very favorite thing is seeing the boys and what they are up to each day, it puts a smile on my face!!


  7. Hi Cathy Love the larger spools. Could you please tell me what shapes and sizes you use for the bigger spools. Will make a great joint project for the craft groups I run. thanks Celia


  8. I am chuckling over your spools!! They are both really cute! I have started making the little guys, but after seeing your “Economy Size” I might just have to start making some of those too. They look like they belong together! Are you going to do both sizes? or have you decided to do just the little ones? :0)


  9. My goodness, doesn’t the block change when you make it bigger – it looks very different. The two sizes look good together. Hope you don’t have to wait much longer for spring!


    • The large one barely looks like a spool, does it? I think spring is here. :-)) Nothing like a nice early spring for a change. It has been a very long time since we’ve had such an early spring.



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