After reading about Klosjes day, I decided to devote stitching time on Saturdays to these little blocks!  Each finishes at 2 3/8″.  They’re tiny.  But addictive.  Seriously addictive.  Perfect use for a charm pack or two.

While there are other methods of making them I’m hand piecing them, as I love to hand piece and love Y-seams for the continuous stitching that they make possible.  I’m using 1″ squares and half hexagons  from the 90-degree 1-inch hexagons in the Patchwork of the Crosses Inklingo collection.  I was able to print three of  the half  hexagons on each charm and have a plan for the border for this quilt, however large it ends up, using that third half-hexagon from each charm.

I have no idea how many of these little beauties I’m going to make, but as Mr. Q.O. is quite taken by them, I have a feeling it may be as many as is needed to make a lap quilt for him.

An alternative plan is to make a doll’s quilt using these tiny blocks and then start another set using the shapes using the long half hexagon from the 1.5″ 90-degree hexagon collection and the 3″ squares from the Drunkard’s Path collection to make somewhat larger blocks.

The other night Lester decided to “help” when I was working on the Quaker Patchwork cross-stitch.  Great huge kitty paws on the chart make it rather difficult to keep one’s place!

Smudge was, as usual, perfecting his lounging.

10 thoughts on “Spools

  1. Love the spools, and of course the pictures of Lester and Smudge!

    On lots of blogs in Holland they celebrate Klosjesdag every Saturday. It’s great to see all those quilts grow!


  2. Oh, Cathi,
    welcome, Fellow-Canadian, to the Klosjes-club!
    What a delight to have you join us, I look forward to getting to know you as we share this lovely project together.
    Thank you for linking my blog in your post and please let me know if you need any help getting started. I would love to have your permission to add your name to my welcome-list!
    greetings from Cyprus,


  3. Ha Ha! you got caught too! You’re right they are addictive. I like the way you put different colours inside the spool instead of all in one. Keep on spooling…


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