Hexagon Blossoms

I haven’t worked on this little top for ages so decided to add another blossom to it with the surrounding green path last night.  That’s a dime on top of one of the little hexagons to give an idea of size.  Each side of the hexagons finishes at half an inch.

I initially printed a few thousand of these small hexagons, almost all on 5″ charms, thinking I’d make the Insanity quilt seen here.  I quickly decided I didn’t want to make that quilt and now have all these tiny hexagons.  While I’ve started the little top shown above, I know that is going to end up as a small doll’s quilt.  I’ll use half and quarter hexagons around the outer edges so that I have straight outer edges to the little quilt.

As long as I finger press these as I go, it’s very simple to press the top.  I do press after I add each blossom.

More of the blossoms are ready and I have enough of the green surrounding hexagons printed to surround these plus a few more.  Once that’s done I’ll assess if I want to make the little top any larger.

Our forecast for the weekend is fabulous — sunny and highs of 7 Celsius both days.  The whole week has been wonderful with sunny days that have been relatively mild, considering it’s early March.

Lester looks like he’s thinking about spring and watching the birds and squirrels from the window.

Smudge, on the other hand, is showing off his sprawling capabilities.

9 thoughts on “Hexagon Blossoms

  1. Your progress on the hexies is just fabulous!! I have that same magazine and someday aspire to making that quilt. Right now I am content with a regular Grandmother’s flower garden. But I really do like the layout that you have for your quilt. How big will it be?


  2. I stumbled upon your blog last night…this printing on fabric has intrigued me. Especially when you said you do them on your sewing machine!

    I was given some hexagon quilt blocks (grandma’s flower garden) that someone started in the 1950’s, but have been piecing them by hand. I’d like to try the machine way.


  3. Cathi, I have seen the ‘Obsession’ quilt, in fact I know the quilter who made it – she does beautiful work, and her shop has lovely fabrics, I have left a few dollars there from time to time.
    Lester looks very lion-like today! and yes, Smudge is definitely sprawling.


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