Olympic Stitching

… didn’t seem to equal much getting finished.  One Farmer’s Delight block.  So much for hoping to get them all done during the Olympics but at least I managed to get all the fabrics cut and ready to print for the last 7 blocks.

And a few more of the first block that will be in the Jewels at Night table runner.  But that’s about it.  The ideas were flying fast and furious though and my notebook has a lot of notes for the future, including a setting for the Tropical Punch blocks.

Am I complaining?  No!  It was an absolutely magical 17 days watching all the events and, in particular, the Canadian athletes.  Wow — 14 gold medals for Canada!!  Although I am not a hockey fan, even I watched some of the gold medal game.  When the audience joined in the singing of the Canadian anthem after the hockey medals presentation, I had goosebumps.  The noise in downtown Toronto carried on well into the night as those celebrating the hockey win congregated and part of one of the main streets was closed to vehicular traffic to accommodate them.

Congratulations to Vancouver and the Vancouver Olympics Organizing Committee — I thought it was absolutely fantastic.  So did our little Olympic team.  The beaver and moose are thrilled to have been represented in the closing ceremonies.  This little moose even has his own version of a gold medal!

Smudge and Lester did their very best to win lounging awards.  I think they did a very good job.  First Smudge:

And then Lester:

I’ve got all the posts from my old blog moved over and am going to work on getting the categorization and tags done so that they’re actually helpful.  The way they are now is pretty hit and miss as I wasn’t too conscientious about categorizing them.  I’m really glad you’ve come over to visit here and hope you come back!

17 thoughts on “Olympic Stitching

  1. We watched some of the gold medal game too, the crowd reaction was awesome! You must have felt you were right in the centre of it all.
    Smudge and Lester obviously won gold in their event.


  2. Hi Cathi,
    Just a little note to let you know, I’ve added your new blog to our group blogroll.
    Come and show everyone your beautiful hexies!!
    Stunning :c)

    hugs Robyn xx


  3. What a super fun, patriotic post. Such early morning delight over coffee is a good bodes well for the of my day. This is my first stop, Cathi! hee. Vancouver did itself proud and I have to admit I feel like a Canadian myself (said with respect and camaraderie as friends & neighbors). The fireworks – how pretty!

    The beaver and moose, finally represented – surely a story is there to be chased down. Will we get any interviews? I’ll watch patiently just in case.

    On a serious note – with my new found respect for the work you do – I’d say this. Having all the all the fabrics cut and ready to print for the last 7 blocks of the Farmers Delight is VERY PRODUCTIVE.

    I get it now. Amazed. Having fun along with you and happy you’ve been sharing for so long. You’re just the best! Alabama Beauty blocks… hee. *karendianne.


  4. I really do like the progress of your Farmer’s Delight. Just beautiful! Yes, the Olympics were fun to watch. Although I did not watch them everyday, what I did watch, I enjoyed. Lester and Smudge definitely had a good version of the lounge olympics for sure.


  5. Well, you DID get one block done and I think that you did good. It’s hard to sew and watch every move on the Olympics….you would have hated missing anything good LOL.

    Smudge gets the gold medal, Lester lounges but he tends to be very regal about it…..Smudge, not so regal LOL.



  6. Yep I too had dreams of a big finish when the games were all over…LOL That’s OK it was worth it. I really need to get back to my normal life away from the TV
    I hope to feel better soon so that I can finish up that little place mat project and a few others too.
    Congrats to the boys and their lounging awards…well deserved I must say.


  7. Hmmmmmmmmmmm I like the new wallpaper – very springy!!! 😉

    When the audience joined in the singing last night as the gold medals were presented, I sang right along with them – much to the dismay and horror of my 21 year old, and to the scared look on his girlfriend’s face, HAHA. I believe I heard “sings like a hyena” mentioned more than once. No medals for my singing, that’s for sure!! I would give Smudge and Lester each a gold for the lounging event – they really do take the sport to an entirely new level 😉


  8. It was only when we sat down to watch the Olympics and get behind rooting our Canadian teams that we realized we didn’t have a single Canadian flag in the house…that’s definitely going on our shopping list when we are in Canada in the summer!

    The Olympics were amazing especially the hockey! I was so thrilled that the BBC showed the entire coverage of that last game!!


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