Farmer’s Delight Block #6

Another Farmer’s Delight block done.  I think I’ll try to work on different projects each evening this week.  I unearthed one hexagon UFO this weekend that I really do want to start working on a little bit more diligently so it will show up this week as well as some of the Harpsichord Quilt blocks, perhaps a Patchwork of the Crosses block and who knows what else.

Sunday was nowhere near as rainy and windy as they had predicted.  At least the rain held off for the St. Patrick’s Day parade.  That, to me, is always a sure sign of spring.

It was a grey day again, though, and both cats found good spots to curl up.  Smudge on the chair.

And Lester in one of the cat beds.

Olympic Stitching

… didn’t seem to equal much getting finished.  One Farmer’s Delight block.  So much for hoping to get them all done during the Olympics but at least I managed to get all the fabrics cut and ready to print for the last 7 blocks.

And a few more of the first block that will be in the Jewels at Night table runner.  But that’s about it.  The ideas were flying fast and furious though and my notebook has a lot of notes for the future, including a setting for the Tropical Punch blocks.

Am I complaining?  No!  It was an absolutely magical 17 days watching all the events and, in particular, the Canadian athletes.  Wow — 14 gold medals for Canada!!  Although I am not a hockey fan, even I watched some of the gold medal game.  When the audience joined in the singing of the Canadian anthem after the hockey medals presentation, I had goosebumps.  The noise in downtown Toronto carried on well into the night as those celebrating the hockey win congregated and part of one of the main streets was closed to vehicular traffic to accommodate them.

Congratulations to Vancouver and the Vancouver Olympics Organizing Committee — I thought it was absolutely fantastic.  So did our little Olympic team.  The beaver and moose are thrilled to have been represented in the closing ceremonies.  This little moose even has his own version of a gold medal!

Smudge and Lester did their very best to win lounging awards.  I think they did a very good job.  First Smudge:

And then Lester:

I’ve got all the posts from my old blog moved over and am going to work on getting the categorization and tags done so that they’re actually helpful.  The way they are now is pretty hit and miss as I wasn’t too conscientious about categorizing them.  I’m really glad you’ve come over to visit here and hope you come back!