Olympic Stitching

… didn’t seem to equal much getting finished.  One Farmer’s Delight block.  So much for hoping to get them all done during the Olympics but at least I managed to get all the fabrics cut and ready to print for the last 7 blocks.

And a few more of the first block that will be in the Jewels at Night table runner.  But that’s about it.  The ideas were flying fast and furious though and my notebook has a lot of notes for the future, including a setting for the Tropical Punch blocks.

Am I complaining?  No!  It was an absolutely magical 17 days watching all the events and, in particular, the Canadian athletes.  Wow — 14 gold medals for Canada!!  Although I am not a hockey fan, even I watched some of the gold medal game.  When the audience joined in the singing of the Canadian anthem after the hockey medals presentation, I had goosebumps.  The noise in downtown Toronto carried on well into the night as those celebrating the hockey win congregated and part of one of the main streets was closed to vehicular traffic to accommodate them.

Congratulations to Vancouver and the Vancouver Olympics Organizing Committee — I thought it was absolutely fantastic.  So did our little Olympic team.  The beaver and moose are thrilled to have been represented in the closing ceremonies.  This little moose even has his own version of a gold medal!

Smudge and Lester did their very best to win lounging awards.  I think they did a very good job.  First Smudge:

And then Lester:

I’ve got all the posts from my old blog moved over and am going to work on getting the categorization and tags done so that they’re actually helpful.  The way they are now is pretty hit and miss as I wasn’t too conscientious about categorizing them.  I’m really glad you’ve come over to visit here and hope you come back!

A Little More Progress on Teddy Bear Quilt

Seven more blocks to put together and the 16 blocks for this little quilt will be done. With any luck, I might get the top finished this year.

A surprise package arrived in the mail on Monday. I’m trying to be good and not opening it until Christmas. Whether I have that kind of self-control is a whole other story!

A new favourite shot of Lester:


Another 10 Blocks

are ready to put together. I stitched the tumbler/triangle units together so now it’s a matter of joining them with the squares into the final 10 blocks.

Then I’ll add them to these 6 blocks and the little teddy bear quilt top will be done.

A very contemplative Lester:

And a classic Smudge pose. He likes to wedge himself between one of us and the arm of the couch and stretch out like this.

Teddy Bear Quilt Beginnings

I made the first of these blocks when the Inklingo tumbler collection came out a few months back. I’ve now made a few more and have the beginnings of another teddy bear quilt. The blocks finish at 6″. These aren’t pressed yet, but I’ll do that this week. I’m going to make another 6 blocks and then set it together, perhaps with a small border.

Cat sitting Winnie was an eye-opener on the weekend. She is letting me pat her, even will let me pick her up — sometimes. When I was getting her food ready, she was doing figure 8’s around my legs. That was a huge step! She really responds to Mr. Q.O.’s voice — it’s interesting to watch her when he’s talking to her. Her eyes get huge! We’re going to try to get a picture of her this week.

Lester draped over the arm of the chair:

And Smudge, very alert on the couch with some friends:

Snow Crystal Block #14 and Inklingo Star

Block 14 is done. The blocks finish at 9″. All the pink diamonds and the majority of the white squares and triangles are printed and cut for the remaining 16 blocks. The block really is fun to put together and, if I were to concentrate solely on these, I could have them done within a month. But we all know that won’t happen!!

The back:

Two of the star blocks made with shapes from the Inklingo tumbler collection. I have more done but they didn’t make it into this picture. Maybe after the weekend. This will be a teddy bear quilt. With any luck I’ll get the top together by weekend’s end. And a few more of the hexagon rosettes. Maybe a couple more of the Harpsichord Quilt blocks and at least one more POTC block. Hmm — sounds like a lot of stitching may be going on.

Why do I think I’ll get all this stitching done this weekend? It’s our Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. Happy Thanksgiving! I’ll be posting a quilt for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, either later today or sometime on the weekend. It will be fun to see all the quilts that are entered this time. The spring quilt festival was wonderful.

Smudge getting in some practice on relaxing so he’s ready for a long weekend. Look at his front paws!!

And Lester looking rather pensive. Not much is happening out on the roof garden for him right now. But just wait till the leaves start falling and then flying in the air — then there will be great excitement!

Two More Projects

… are added to the rotation. I have so little left to do to put the basket blocks together that I don’t want to let them sit any longer. All that’s really left to do is wash some more of the white fabric I used in this, print some more shapes for and piece the sashing together.

This is the other project. Another fairly quick finish too. I have 2 of the 16 blocks I want to make done and this will be a teddy bear quilt. Again, just a few more shapes to print.

I have figured out, I think, what’s setting off my wrists and it’s related to work. Today will be a long day which will, I think, probably really set them off so Mr. Quilt Obsession will likely be pinch-hitting tomorrow.

Smudge held this pose for the longest time, waiting for the requisite pictures to be taken. It is so funny to see that his eyes are open just a bit while he watches to see if we’re finished taking photos of him. As soon as he sees that we are, he changes position. If you click on this photo to enlarge it, I think you may be able to see that his one front paw is seemingly suspended in space — he wasn’t resting it against the sofa cushion at all.

Lester spent most of the afternoon on the love seat, mostly snoozing but I was able to get one picture of him awake.

Tumbler Block

The latest Inklingo collection, for a 2″ tumbler and related shapes, was released yesterday. As soon as I saw the triangle shape in the collection, I knew I wanted to make this 6″ block. I have no idea if there’s a name for the block or not, but I absolutely love it and know I’ll make more of them.

The back of the block. You can see I wasn’t too uniform in pressing. I will have to press it again but not for at least a week. Picking up the iron last night set off pain that still hasn’t died down much. At this point, even picking up a glass of water is painful.

A Smudge photo that cracks me up. What a face!

And, of course, Lester on the windowsill.