Spring Hexagon Flowers

It felt like spring on Monday.  So I decided to make a few of hexagon flowers in the spring colours.  As I stitch using hexagons that have been printed with Inklingo templates right on to the back of the fabric, I can put together 4 of these flowers in about 2 hours.  No basting, no whip stitching.  Just a plain running stitch and lots of continuous stitching when it comes to joining the outer ring to the centres.  These are made using 1″ hexagons.

This is how the back looks — which is another reason I like this method.  It’s easy to distribute the bulk of the seams by pressing like this:

I know I’m tempting fate by writing this, but it truly does feel as though spring is starting.  The air had a different feel to it on Monday.  Even though it’s nowhere near warm, the real chilly bite in the air seems to have gone.  We’re even going to have highs this week that may see us reach 6 or 7 Celsius.  One of our neighbours swears that we cannot say we’re out of the woods as far as winter goes until March 17.  Usually I listen to her, but not this year.  This year I’m putting on the rose-coloured glasses and saying spring is here.  And oh, how I hope I’m right!  Even the cats seem to be showing a bit of spring fever and lots of activity.

The voting is now open for the Golden Quilter Awards.  If you go to Insights from SewCalGal here, you can vote for your favourite nominees in the categories of Best Designer, Best Teacher/Instructor, Best Author, Best Quilt Store (Physical), Best Quilt Store (Online), Best Long Arm Quilter, Most Innovative New Product (physical item), Most Innovative New Product (software) and Most Influential Person in the World of Quilting To date, aka “Lifetime Achievement.”

The boys were very much in lounge mode today, as they were getting over the past 17 days of Olympic activity.   I think Smudge’s pose almost qualifies as one of the “where is his head” photos.

Our ISP is having issues once again.  While some e-mails are getting through, others aren’t.  As of midnight Monday, all e-mails that I have received have been answered.  If I haven’t answered an e-mail from you, it means that it hasn’t arrived in my inbox.  With any luck, this gets cleared up quickly!

10 thoughts on “Spring Hexagon Flowers

  1. I love how your hexes look, hand piecing them looks so much tidier than doing that whip stitch and with you InkLingo, you don’t even have to worry about templates and drawing sewing lines :0)



  2. I would like some of those rose colored glasses too. But I have to say that I am with your neighbor on this one. I don’t think we are out of the woods on this one yet. Mother Nature is just taunting us. Love the hexie and those boys lead quite the life.


  3. Your hexagons are beautiful (and back’s perfect, as usual) and you’re right to put your pink glasses on. The sun has been hiding too long for not thinking he’s back for good. And if not, well, let’s just enjoy every moment: life’s too short ! 😉


  4. We still have snow on the ground so I’m not as optomistic as you are about spring. By the weekend though we are supposed to get some warmer weather. We have snowstorms as late as the first week of April lots of times.

    I’ll just look at your spring flowers and pretend with you.


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