Spools Continued

While the skating had me glued to the television Thursday night, I did manage to stitch these little spool blocks.  There are a number still left to do and I’m quickly revising my goal of stitching to finish while watching the Olympics.  The new goal?  Whatever I manage to stitch during the Olympics will be more than good enough. 

My favourite figure skating competition starts tonight — the dance pairs.  I doubt any stitching will be done during tonight’s short program or the final on Sunday.  I do have a new idea for a block that I absolutely have to stitch.  I’ll get some fabric printed this afternoon and hopefully get at least one block of it done sometime this weekend. 

Lester was curled up with a teddy bear after watching some of the skating while draped over my knees.

While Smudge was relaxing in his kitty bed:

17 thoughts on “Spools Continued

  1. Wow – I've never seen the spool pattern done in prints. I really like it. And you are so right, its hard to get anything done when the Olympics are on. I'll be watching too! 🙂


  2. Lovely spool blocks. We have watched a lot of the Olympics also to the expense of everything else 🙂 The winter games are my favorite and I've enjoyed watching snowboarding, downhill skiing, and skating. Who is in the lead in the catolympics? Smudge must be in first place with the lounge event!


  3. Your spools are so colourful – I love them! But I have to say the fabric in the centre of one of them looks awfully familiar. It's just like the challenge fabric from Sew Sisters a year or so ago. LOL


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