New Project Beginnings

On the weekend I kept getting an idea for a new project and pulled some pieces of fabric for it.  Trying to resist this idea proved to be impossible — when I fell asleep I was thinking about it, I woke up thinking about it and finally had to give in and start it!  I had these 7″ batik squares which are perfect for it — particularly with the black and white fabric as the background.  Some of the batiks are too dark and won’t get used in this piece, and others will be added but this is a start.  Over the weekend and on Monday I used a couple of the Inklingo collections to print some of the shapes on to the fabric I’m using.  Not much stitching has been done though I can’t pay attention to anything but watching the skaters when the ice dance competition is on.

Sunday night a migraine hit.  I had no idea we were going to wake up to this on Monday but it explains the headache which was finally starting to ease off Monday night.

This is the first time this winter that we’ve had snow on the roof garden.  Thankfully we’re almost at the end of February, so know that it can’t last long.  
I am so excited about our win in the ice dancing competition.  I thought Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were absolutely fantastic, as were the U.S. team who won the silver.  Just watching both teams gave me goosebumps.  When Virtue and Moir won and the medals were presented, I had tears in my eyes.  I have always loved figure skating, and the dance competition in particular.  

We got new kitty beds for Smudge and Lester.  Within seconds of putting them out, they were both curled up and working on their lounging form.  Smudge hasn’t had a chance yet to work on this one to turn it into a kitty oval.

Lester was not only checking out the new kitty bed but also keeping his eye on the toy basket.

10 thoughts on “New Project Beginnings

  1. OOooo, a new project with Batiks!! Gotta love that and they are sherbet type colors too! Headaches are the pits. I had you from Sunday night into last night. Almost unbearable. Smudge and Lester look quite comfy in their beds. We did the same for our kitties and they love their new beds too.


  2. Love those pretty batics! I have been enjoying the Olympics too, great fun to have it on in the evenings. We recently got a new dog bed…and our poodle loved it at first cuddle!


  3. Migraines – not nice! Andrea had another today! Love those fabrics and looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with them. Those kitty beds are fascinating…and looks like Smudge and Lester are right at home.


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