Jewels at Night

… is the working name for this, which will no doubt be changed.  I’ve done a few of these blocks so far, each of which finish at 5″.  There’s another block that goes in the design.  I have the fabric cut and ironed to freezer paper so I can print my shapes on the back of the fabrics tomorrow for the other block.

This is the back of one of the blocks:
It seems winter isn’t done with us.  They’re forecasting more snow Thursday, Friday and into the weekend.  

The kitties have been taking turns guarding the toy basket, it seems.  First Lester who, as he’s a very big cat, sometimes spills out of the bed:

Then Smudge, who was practising his sprawl.  Interestingly, none of the toys have been taken out of the toy basket yet.  


14 thoughts on “Jewels at Night

  1. The boys are too busy working in their new beds to play, Cathi.Wow. Those blocks are stunning and look like they might be a little tricky to piece. I think the name is very appropriate because they certainly look like jewels in the night.


  2. Love the blocks just beautiful!! Ahh, winter isn't done with us either. We just 10 more inches of the white stuff over night. I feel like I need to lay down like Lester and Smudge.


  3. Way cool, Cathi. I really like this. Great idea…can't wait to see the other block. The boys' new beds are very stylish. Lester seems a bit big for the bed or the bed is small for him. LOL


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