Farmer’s Delight Block #5 Centre

The centre of the block is done.  I can’t believe how little stitching I’m getting done during the Olympics!!  Tonight is the men’s figure skating long program, so I doubt I’ll get much done at all — again.  

We watched the medals ceremony Wednesday night for our second gold medal — it is so exciting to hear our anthem being played, see the flag being raised and hear the crowds.  It must be incredible to actually be there and experience that!

Smudge didn’t seem quite so impressed, although we have caught both of them maybe watching some things.  I think the movement of skiiers or snowboarders is rather intriguing to kitties.

Lester is completely back to normal and has been spending time on the windowsill.  However, we got this shot Wednesday night as he was relaxing after another day of watching little snowflakes drift by:

8 thoughts on “Farmer’s Delight Block #5 Centre

  1. Our 2 boys (9 and 6 years old) are watching the Olypics every evenings. And when people fall, you can hear them giggling in front of the television. I prefer them watching sport then some stupid program. And luckily, it's a week holiday for them.Have a nice day.


  2. Even I got teary eyed when that young fella got his gold medal, the first won by a Canadian on Canadian soil. I haven't watch much but will probably watch the men's long program tonight.Crispy


  3. Hi ladies. I've to admit that I'm surprised more and more, day by day, by Cathy's ability. Your works are wonderful. But I've to admit that I've absolutely fallen in love with Smudge and Lester. Hugs, Clara.


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