Revisiting an Unfinished Project

While I got the bands of triangles put together for the next of the Farmer’s Delight blocks finished last night, I didn’t get them pressed or even begin attaching them to the centre.  However, one of the other things I did do was take stock of unfinished projects.  Tropical Punch is one of them.

I’m rather glad I didn’t finish it as I now have an idea that is quite a bit different than I initially had for finishing it.  Since I made those blocks a number of new collections have been released and one of them will, I think, be perfect for the new setting I have in mind.  I think I’ll have a 3-day weekend this weekend, so will first print out the shapes I think I’m going to use on paper and then, once I’m sure that it will work, I will print the shapes I need on the back of the batik along with some more on the purple batik used as background for these blocks.  

That is one of the other benefits of Inklingo for me.  I can print the shapes without seam allowances and play with ideas to make sure they’re going to work the way I think they will before I print on my fabric.  It’s a fabulous design tool.

We’re in for a big storm by the sounds of it.  The first truly big snowstorm of the winter for us.  I’ve had a migraine since mid-day Wednesday, which I usually get when there’s a storm.  Snow all day today, they say, and then turning to rain on Friday.

I am slowly making the changes necessary to move to a blog at WordPress.  I plan on moving all the Blogger blog posts over eventually but until I’m ready to do that will be posting on both blogs.  Hopefully I get that sorted out this weekend.  I do hope that those who read this blog will follow me over to Quilt Obsession at WordPress.

The kitties are still enjoying their new beds.  While they’re quite content to use either one of the two beds, Wednesday they seemed to be taking turns in the one nearest the toy basket.  First Lester, showing that he really does like to curl up in there:

And then Smudge, sprawling out a bid:

One Almost Finish, One Beginning

The Double Wedding Ring runner was finished over the weekend but not pressed until Monday. I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Now to baste and quilt it. I’m playing with the idea of quilting around the flowers in the floral print in the centres. It’s only 12″ wide so I think this will be hoop-less quilting as my hoop is too large. Guess that means some serious basting.

Now that I know just how amazingly easy it is to do a DWR using Inklingo templates, I’m going to plan a larger one. I go back and forth between using a pretty floral or maybe even a toile print for the centres and then doing something interesting with the arcs or perhaps something more traditional with a plain centre and some very pretty quilting in the centres. I won’t be starting that for a while so I have lots of time to decide.

This is the beginning of the mini quilt using Drunkard’s Path blocks that I’m going to be working on over the next while. I love these curves!! Stitching these is, to me, like candy — I cannot do just one little block. Even though I want to get the rainbow block done for the sky quilt and started cutting the diamonds out last night, I couldn’t resist piecing a few of these little blocks!

I’m very undecided on the setting of Tropical Punch. I have the pieces cut to connect the 4 blocks but they’re not sewn quite yet.

It poured rain all day Monday and it was chilly. By the weekend they’re saying we may be in the low 20’s. I can’t wait!

As there was absolutely nothing to watch on the roof garden other than rain, the kitties snoozed most of the day.

This picture makes me laugh — we caught Lester cleaning his paw.

Tropical Punch Block 2

A little play time was in order on the weekend and so a second Tropical Punch block was made. Working with these lovely warm colours was almost a necessity with the temperatures being so horribly cold.

Because I had printed a number of the templates on various of these fabrics, I was able to just choose my fabrics for the next block and then stitch. Yet another reason I love Inklingo — once the templates are printed on to fabric, all I have to do is cut out the shapes from whichever fabric I want to work with for the next block and then just stitch.

I like the back of these blocks almost as much as the front.

Smudge is definitely a ham. Here he is doing his lounge lizard imitation. He held the pose while we found the camera, turned it on and took the shot.

And Lester found his spot — and was keeping toasty warm.

I hope this cold snap ends soon. The last 3 or 4 days have been brutally cold. I don’t know if it’s because it’s March and we think it should be getting warmer or if we were spoiled by those few days of milder temperatures, but the last few days have been very hard to take.

Tropical Punch & Laurel Burch

I just couldn’t help myself! I had printed diamonds, squares and QST’s on a number of the fabrics for Tropical Punch on the weekend. They just kept calling to me. Right now working with those ’30s reproduction prints is not as enticing. I think it has a lot to do with wishing for warm weather. This will be the centre of the next octagon star.

I love the Laurel Burch fabrics and have quite a collection of them here. I look at them, fall in love with them all over again … but don’t think I can even begin to cut some of them up at all!! Some of these are small panels that will, I think, just get sandwiched and quilted. Others are larger pieces.

When I think about it, I can’t really remember seeing a quilt made from these glorious fabrics. I wonder how many of us have a collection of the Laurel Burch fabrics that we look at and love but haven’t put into quilts.

We didn’t pose this. Smudge seems to want to curl up with teddy bears. He’s not particular, it seems. Just about any teddy bear he can find will do just fine. Tonight he found two.

I love it when Lester curls up in his kitty bed like this. Sometimes he tucks his head right under and we have to look for a minute to find it.