Revisiting an Unfinished Project

While I got the bands of triangles put together for the next of the Farmer’s Delight blocks finished last night, I didn’t get them pressed or even begin attaching them to the centre.  However, one of the other things I did do was take stock of unfinished projects.  Tropical Punch is one of them.

I’m rather glad I didn’t finish it as I now have an idea that is quite a bit different than I initially had for finishing it.  Since I made those blocks a number of new collections have been released and one of them will, I think, be perfect for the new setting I have in mind.  I think I’ll have a 3-day weekend this weekend, so will first print out the shapes I think I’m going to use on paper and then, once I’m sure that it will work, I will print the shapes I need on the back of the batik along with some more on the purple batik used as background for these blocks.  

That is one of the other benefits of Inklingo for me.  I can print the shapes without seam allowances and play with ideas to make sure they’re going to work the way I think they will before I print on my fabric.  It’s a fabulous design tool.

We’re in for a big storm by the sounds of it.  The first truly big snowstorm of the winter for us.  I’ve had a migraine since mid-day Wednesday, which I usually get when there’s a storm.  Snow all day today, they say, and then turning to rain on Friday.

I am slowly making the changes necessary to move to a blog at WordPress.  I plan on moving all the Blogger blog posts over eventually but until I’m ready to do that will be posting on both blogs.  Hopefully I get that sorted out this weekend.  I do hope that those who read this blog will follow me over to Quilt Obsession at WordPress.

The kitties are still enjoying their new beds.  While they’re quite content to use either one of the two beds, Wednesday they seemed to be taking turns in the one nearest the toy basket.  First Lester, showing that he really does like to curl up in there:

And then Smudge, sprawling out a bid:

11 thoughts on “Revisiting an Unfinished Project

  1. Love the layout of the tropical punch! The colors are just gorgeous. So I am just curious as to why you are moving the blog to wordpress? Is it the formatting, is it easier to use. Just curious.


  2. Andrea has been keeping you company with her migraine today! Its very very hot here .. is there a reason you are changing blog sites? Those blosks look really great – how many of them are there altogether? Hope your migraine goes away…not nice!


  3. It will, as always, be interesting to see what you make of these!!! I am curious also what would be the advantage of changing your blog to Word Press. Worry for your migraines…no fun. I had many, many til my cardiologist changed one of my meds. Apparently there is a connection between Prinzmetal's Angina, which is my diagnosis, and migraines. The boys look so comfy in their new beds. I look forward to my almost daily dose of the cats.


  4. I know exactly what you mean Cathi – I started getting a migraine on Tuesday which lasted until Wednesday night. It's nice to know what weather is coming, but not if it means a migraine, hehe!


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