Big Ring & More!

After finishing One Ringy Dingy, I had to get started on Two Ringy Dingies – but this time using the 16″ Golden Wedding Ring collection.

Big Golden Wedding Ring IMG_2576wtmk

The first ring is made and I love it. There is something about these colours that is reminding me of something – but I don’t know what that is! I keep trying to figure out just what that something might be. Any thoughts??

Back of Big GWR IMG_2577wtmk

The back of the first ring, after pressing and grading the seams. The 16″ ring seems enormous after making the 12″ size. 

Remember the blue fabrics I was determined to try to see if they’d work together? Well, I tried.

Blue Pieced Hexagon Block IMG_2578wtmk

And they don’t. I had a small scrap of the gorgeous Wedgwood blue print that I used to print just enough of the little kites to try out a test block using the smallest of the Inklingo collections for Le Grand Desert. And this is not the effect I wanted. So my version of Le Grand Desert is going on the back burner for now, until I find just the right almost solid blue to work with that print.

Pink Pieced Hexagon Blocks IMG_2579wtmk

As I was sewing the blue block together, I had an idea that involved – of course – some pink. So out came some pinks and I made a couple of pink pieced blocks, using the same shapes but in the second largest of the Le Grand Desert collections. 

Pink & Blue Pieced Hexagon Blocks IMG_2581wtmk

There’s quite a difference in size between the two sizes of the collections.

Back of Pink Pieced Hexagon IMG_2580wtmk

It presses like a dream. I have yet to grade the seams but am not too worried about that, as this is another project that is going on the back burner. Me putting a pink project on the back burner? Unheard of! But there’s a reason. 

Can Can Centre IMG_2587wtmk

I’ve been distracted by this! When I got Millefiori Quilts 3, I was taken by the Can Can quilt but didn’t anticipate making it. Then on the weekend an Inklingo Can Can collection was released – and well, I’m sunk. I’m not making mine scrappy at all but in a very controlled set of colours. Stay tuned and watch to see what else gets added to this mix! This first 10-point star went together oh, so easily – much easier than I anticipated. 

Back of Can Can Centre IMG_2588wtmk

The back. I am grading and pressing the seams as I go.

I’m going to try to keep working on Two Ringy Dingies, maybe on alternate weeks while I work on Can Can. Maybe. Who knows! All I know is Can Can is full of all sorts of fun – loads of continuous piecing and the effects, depending on colour and value placement, are seemingly endless in variety if the illustrations posted on the Inklingo Facebook page are anything to go by!

Thimble IMG_2584wtmk

Over a month ago this went missing. And for days I searched, checking under furniture, looking in project boxes, you name it. But it was nowhere to be found. I was lost without it – I tried all my other thimbles but that was an epic fail. Now that I’m used to piecing using the ring thimble I felt like I was all thumbs trying to piece any other way! I knew that it was likely that I had left the thimble within paw’s reach and that Baxter had found it. Sure enough, it appears that’s what happened. On the weekend, something fell on the floor and when I went to grab it, I noticed something that looked suspiciously like my thimble right there beside the end table where I have looked over and over and over again since it disappeared. It has no kitty teeth marks in it, for which I’m thankful, and appears none the worse for wear. Oh, how I wish I knew where he had hidden it all these weeks! Because, of course, after searching for about a week I gave in and ordered a new one. Which would have, in normal circumstances,  have already arrived but thanks to a postal strike has yet to arrive. So now I have my old one back and a new one on the way which will be great insurance if I ever do lose it to an inquisitive cat again!

The dry eyes issue is slowly getting better – if I limit the amount I stare at the computer, phone or tablet and if I remember to blink, even when cutting fabric. When cutting the pieces for the Two Ringy Dingies top my eyes were getting dry even doing that. That was when I realized I had gotten into the habit of not blinking anywhere near often enough. For now, though, the drops for dry eyes are definitely necessary. 

Big Ringwtmk

“Big Ring”

Baxter November 19, 2018 IMG_2568wtmk

The leaves are all gone from the trees now and we’re well into the grey and overcast days of November and December. But yesterday the sun was out for a while and Baxter was taking advantage of it.

18 thoughts on “Big Ring & More!

  1. Je suis juste une débutante dans l’art du patchwork ….et tout ce que je vois m’émerveille ….j’ai fait mon premier ‘’log cabin ‘’ce mois ci ….c’est une vraie thérapie pour moi . Je ne parviendrai jamais à faire ce que vous m’avez envoyé …mais les regarder me fait un bien énorme . Comme j’envie les auteurs de ces merveilles !!!!Merci , je serai une simple admiratrice

    Provenance : Courrier pour Windows 10

    De : Quilt Obsession Envoyé le :mardi 20 novembre 2018 12:06 À : Objet :[New post] Big Ring & More!

    Cathi posted: “After finishing One Ringy Dingy, I had to get started on Two Ringy Dingies – but this time using the 16″ Golden Wedding Ring collection. The first ring is made and I love it. There is something about these colours that is reminding me of something – bu”


    • Merci! And unfortunately, that’s about as far as my spotty high school French education will let me respond in French. When I began quilting I never would have dreamt I’d be making some of the designs I make now, so I hope you find the same happens for you!


    • I ordered the ring thimble from Amazon. It comes from Japan and takes a little while to arrive, but it does arrive and is definitely worth waiting for! I’ll post a video link of Yoko Saito piecing using the ring thimble as that’s how I learned about the thimble and then watched it a few times when I was getting used to using it.




  2. I’m so glad you found the thimble! But I agree that it will be great to have 2 of them when your new one arrives. Love the new Can Can block! Can’t wait to see more.


  3. Maybe Baxter hid the thimble in his tunnel or his house! glad you found it, though. The CanCan block is gorgeous! I just can’t can’t get it right now, too many that I have yet to try! Too little time, isn’t that always the problem!


    • I looked in his house and the tunnel a few times – he has some other hiding spot that I haven’t figured out yet! The Can Can design is fabulous – it’s impossible for me to resist!




  4. The colours, maybe something royal, with the magenta? and a golden yellow? Love the new colours, there will always be something that takes your eye.So good to be online again., even if it drops off sometimes. We move in on Friday 7th, and the first truck arrives on Monday 10th.


    • I figured out what that reminded me of and will do a post about it in a few days. It makes me laugh now that I’ve figured it out! I hope your moving in is smooth as can be and you’re set up with your sewing room and settled in quickly.




  5. I’m with Baxter. Soak up every last ray of sunshine. It has been cold, but sunny here for some time. But everything is supposed to change for the wet and wintery on Thursday.

    The puzzling colors: the Canadian flag?


    • We’re definitely having an odd start to wintery weather – and I’m not complaining. We go from chilly days to days that seem more like fall with highs almost in the 50s! I’ll take this as long as it lasts.




  6. Discovered your blog. Wonderful to see your reviews of Inklingo blocks. Also, am learning the ring thimble after seeing the Yoko Saito video recently. A longtime hand quilter using the finger shaped, Tom Edwards Thimble, I’ve used it for hand piecing, but it’s was bit of overkill. I’m a “hybrid” Inklingo quilter…using machine for some parts, hand for others (like where all those points need to be right. I’m happy to start following your informative and fun posts! – Karen in Austin


    • Once you get used to the ring thimble, you’ll love it! I still can’t get over how much faster I piece and how small my stitches are using it. You have the best of both worlds being a hybrid Inklingo quilter – I just can’t get confident enough using my sewing machine but, that said, I really do love the peacefulness of hand piecing.


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