Another Star, Another Harpsichord Block

Hmm – didn’t I use that title last week? I’m going to have to come up with some different ideas as I’m trying to stick with this routine for as long as it takes to get the three tops done.

Tranquilt Garden block IMG_1204wtmk

This time it’s another of the Tranquil Garden blocks that was finished. These are definitely my favourites.

Back of Tranquil Garden Block IMG_1205wtmk

Its back after pressing.

Pink Harpsichordwtmk

And a pretty pink Harpsichord Quilt block. The more of these I sew, the faster I’m getting at putting them together.

Back of Pink Harpsichordwtmk

Its back after pressing.

I had hoped to get the printing done for the Silent Garden blocks on the weekend, but still haven’t. Maybe by the end of this week I’ll get the rest of the pieces I need ready. I finally figured out exactly how many of each shape are needed, so it shouldn’t take long to get them all printed and cut out and then I’ll have lovely stacks of shapes, ready to be sewn together into blocks.  I’ve also got to print more of the shapes for the Harpsichord Quilt blocks. I have all the little .75″ squares printed but need more of the black & white music print octagons as well as the beige/gold surrounding octagons. I’ve got the fabrics out and ready for all three projects.

Lobby Flowers March 11, 2018wtmk

The elevator lobby flowers are really pretty right now. I love the splashes of colour at this time of year. Because right now it’s still so bleak and grey and dismal outside with no hint of spring yet.

Idea Factory Closedwtmk

“Idea Factory Closed” Definitely a reason I need to find better blog titles – have to keep the ‘toon idea factory open!

Jake March 12, 2018 IMG_1227wtmk

Jake is still watching out the window for some sign of spring.

Baxter March 12, 2018 IMG_1236wtmk

But not Baxter. Until he hears a bird out there or catches a glimpse of a squirrel racing past in the tree, he’s not watching out that window.

8 thoughts on “Another Star, Another Harpsichord Block

    • I’m actually quite thrilled with the progress I’m making – I’m very pleased that I’ve stuck with the two Silent Star tops and the Harpsichord ones at the same time. I think maybe that’s just enough variation to keep me from getting bored. The idea factory may be open by Thursday.




    • I want to get enough of the star blocks done for two rows and then put those together – because I think that will give a really good preview of how the finished tops will look.

      The harpsichord blocks may take a lot longer to start putting together because I think I’ll need to wait until they’re all done to make sure I have the different shades/colours balanced in the layout.

      No signs of spring here tonight! We’re getting some pretty constant wind and the temperature has definitely dropped a fair bit. I’ve had enough of winter!




  1. Just had a fabulous 3 days here. Got up to 19.5C yesterday. Lots of long walks by the river and eating lunch on Laura’s deck in the sun. Watching the grandkids bounce on the trampoline and ride their bikes on the street. Back to the rain today but sunshine coming Thursday through Tuesday.


    • Oh, that sounds so perfect!! Not like here tonight with the howling wind and plummeting temperature and snow. Our 14-day long-range forecast doesn’t show one day at 40F or better. Sometimes I think this winter will never end! If I could, I think I’d move to Vancouver or Victoria in a heartbeat!


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