A Pair of Harpsichord Blocks

Before I decided to make all the Kona Bay 6-pointed stars for that Silent Garden quilt top, I got two more of the Harpsichord blocks finished.

Peach Harpsichordwtmk

First a lovely little peach one.

Peach Harpsichord backwtmk

The back, after pressing and grading.

Blue Harpsichord Frontwtmk

And then a deep blue one.

Blue Harpsichord backwtmk

And its back, after pressing and grading. I realized when I looked at the photo that I had missed grading one little seam so that’s now done.

I was debating whether I should start putting the Harpsichord blocks together into rows now but, as I think I may have more of one colour family than others, I think I may need to wait to sort out a good layout. Joining the blocks into rows and then the rows together is going to be fun as there will be loads of opportunities for continuous piecing.

Watching the figure skating at the Olympics is slowing down my sewing for sure as I can’t take my eyes off the screen while the skaters are on the ice. It is, without a doubt, my favourite event at the winter Olympics.

Two Harpsichordswtmk

“Two Harpsichords”

Baxter February 13, 2018wtmk

I caught Baxter in the midst of cleaning his paw.

Jake, February 13, 2018wtmk

While Jake, I think, would really prefer not to have the camera pointed at him quite  so often.

8 thoughts on “A Pair of Harpsichord Blocks

    • Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a pair of actual harpsichords – and be able to play them?? Wow! I will never forget actually seeing the ones at the faculty of music here at the university. It was one of those things that will always stay with me, I think.




    • Thank you! I know how much it helps to see the back of a block – I learned that from Linda Franz’ Quilted Diamonds 2 book – every diamond in it was shown from the front and the back and I learned just from the pictures!




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