Pink Harpsichord Blocks

Production of the harpsichord blocks slowed right down this week!

Deeper Pink Harpsichordwtmk

So far I have one pink one done.

Light Pink Harpsichordwtmk

And a lighter pink one. I take them as they come out of the little envelopes, don’t go looking for the pink ones – so it was rather fun that I had two pink ones in a row!

What have I been doing? Getting the quilting of the little red and white Canada 150 done and the binding attached. Now all that’s left is to tack down the binding and figure out what I’m going to do for a label for it. It has to be ready for July 1!

slower pacewtmk

“A Slower Pace”

Jake on couchwtmk

Jake was hanging out on the couch.

Baxter on windowsillwtmk

While Baxter was enjoying the view out the window.

8 thoughts on “Pink Harpsichord Blocks

    • I need 154 – I’m not even close to being halfway done yet. And you know as soon as the Ribbon Flower collection is released these little Harpsichord blocks will be put away – again.




    • I think I need deadlines to get things finished – otherwise I just hop back and forth between projects and never seem to finish!

      You, on the other hand, are so amazingly productive! I always love seeing what you’ve got finished!




    • I think that progress is now going to slow to a crawl, if not full stop, as the Rainbow Flower collection was released today and I’m absolutely captivated by it! I have to sew at least my first block before I even think about the Harpsichord Quilt blocks again!




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