Counting Harpsichord Blocks

Orange Harpsichord BlockwtmkAnother five Harpsichord Quilt blocks are finished and pressed. First is the orange one that I posted on Friday – but now it’s pressed.

Back of Harpsichord blockwtmkAnd the seams are graded.

Medium Blue Harpsichord blockwtmkA medium blue one and it’s my favourite of these five.

Light Blue Harpsichord blockwtmkAnd a lighter blue one.

Green Harpsichord BlockwtmkA green one.

Red Harpsichord blockrwtmkA pretty red one.

On the weekend, I decided to count the completed Harpsichord blocks and how many are in the project box, ready to sew. The quilt calls for 154 blocks. I’m 99.9% sure I printed everything needed for the top when I began the project, but I wanted to check. I went over it twice and – well, I’m missing the pieces being ready for 36 blocks. That number makes me suspect there are three or four of the little glassine envelopes with the pieces for those 36 blocks lurking in other project boxes – in fact, I’d almost bet on it.

Finding that envelope of the Harpsichord Quilt pieces in the Stormy Seas is one reason I think that. The other reason is I remember so many times finishing a block for the Harpsichord Quilt and then moving on to something else. And knowing me, I probably had the envelope that had the pieces for that particular block and many others and just put it in the other project’s box. I kept doing that because I hadn’t found the continuous sewing sequence yet. I wish I’d really thought it through when I began making these as I may have had the Harpsichord Quilt completed by now!

I’ve made notes that are taped to the top of the Harpsichord Quilt project box in case I don’t find the missing pieces this week. Why this week? Because the Ribbon Flower collection will be coming out this week and I know I’ll be dropping everything as soon as it does.

counting blockswtmk“Counting Blocks”

Jake late June 2017wtmkI think Jake was just waking up from a snooze when I took this.

Baxter late June 2017wtmkThis is one of my favourite photos of Baxter – he has such a cute look on his face!

10 thoughts on “Counting Harpsichord Blocks

    • I know! I wish I had been making notes all along and keeping them taped to a project box – what was I thinking, believing I’d remember things?! Now, though, I think I will always make notes and keep them in the project box even if it’s a project I’m sure I’ll finish right away.




  1. Morning Cathi, oh my…. I love the green one!!
    Baxter looks as if he’s saying “hi mom.”.. Jakes just chilling. Well, the farm is bursting its seems with baby chicks! I have 11 volunteer hens who have been setting for some time now, and I’m thrilled!! These baby chicks are so cute.
    have a great Day…. yup deffinetly the green one…POP!!


  2. I like the medium blue block almost as well as the red block! I guess everyone will have their favourites. Good luck with ypur search.


    • I think I’ll always gravitate towards the pinks and reds, but that blue is so pretty that it stood out to me as my favourite of that group of blocks. It’s going to be interesting to see where I find those missing pieces!




  3. Soooooooooooo…. you are disorganized too!?!?!? Someone told my mom years ago, “the house never loses anything”. Those blocks are somewhere. Like Easter eggs… maybe that’s where they went. The EB took them.

    Baxter has the most distinctive ears! And his bow tie and bib are pristine white. What a man!


    • Unfortunately, I am somewhat disorganized! I know I started making these blocks more than a few times and put them down so it won’t surprise me to find those missing pieces in other project boxes.

      Baxter does have fabulous lynx tips on his ears – I love them! I’m hoping to get a shot of him in full daylight soon as he has the funniest little bit of bright white that makes it look as though he has a milk moustache.




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