Curvy Tumbling Blocks

A few months ago, some Curvy Hexie Star Inklingo collections were released and, of course, I found the idea irresistible, as curved piecing is not something I can ever resist. My first idea, and the only one of the ideas I’ve made so far – my ideas notebook is chock full of ideas, was to make some curvy tumbling blocks. I used the smallest of the collections, the 1.5″ Curvy Hexie Star collection to make this.  It’s approximately 17″ by 20″. I’m now debating what colour fabric I’ll use to get straight edges before I add a couple of borders. I’m thinking I will turn this into a small baby quilt.

Looking at the picture got me thinking that maybe I’ll use a cream tonal or a white on white for the edge pieces and then add the borders. Truth be told, I was going to make this quite a bit larger but some of the quilting fabrics I used in this piece are quite markedly thicker than the batiks and other quilting cottons. So once I had made all the tumbling blocks for which I’d printed pieces, I decided that was enough for this first idea. I love the effect so making another curvy tumbling blocks quilt is in my future – possibly with one of the larger sizes and definitely with different fabrics.

The curve of the pieces in the tumbling blocks is quite subtle. This close-up photo of a section of the little top shows the curves a bit better.

The back of a portion of it. I haven’t yet graded the seams, but that’s a must for this top as it will cut down on the bulk created by those thicker fabrics. I wish it weren’t so, but the cotton quilting fabrics put out by one particular manufacturer always seem so much thicker than those from any other company. It’s too bad, as they have some fabulous lines and I’m always tempted, but I won’t be buying them again unless they’re on sale and I can use them for backings for baby quilts.

“Whimsical Blocks”

First Jake had the cushion on the couch.

Then Baxter did – but he had other things on his mind than just relaxing. He was determined to take control of the Roku remote control. I wonder if he has found a channel with videos just for cats.

10 thoughts on “Curvy Tumbling Blocks

  1. Morning Cathi, so, teeny tiny.. putting together something so itty bitty… its so pretty. Hmf on that nasty thick fabric thats too bad but in the end what you created was worth it.
    Freezing last week… mowing this week..ugh…I don’t mind mowing, and and lawn care but I’m mowing 4 acres! Quilting… what’s that?
    I’ll just need to enjoy your quilting for awhile.


  2. Maybe that thicker fabric had a lot of what we call “dressing” in it and if you washed it, would it be a better weight? I have found that any blue fabric seems denser in cottons, and even some batiks are different. Beautiful blocks, your tiny stitches are way beyond what my fingers could ever do. Love every photo today.


    • The curvy tumbling blocks are a lot of fun to sew. I always wash my fabrics before using them. New fabric doesn’t make its way into my stash until it is washed. So unfortunately, that’s not the problem with these fabrics – it’s just a thicker base cloth. I wonder why some manufacturers use finer cloth and some a thicker one.




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