Fruit Salad

Remember this four-patch clamshell unit that I posted last November? Making those four-patch clams was addictive, so making them and then joining them all together was another thing I worked on throughout the winter.

Putting Fruit Salad together really was fun as I saw each intersection turn out so, so well. Of course, having the perfect stitching lines and matching points printed on the back of my fabric is what made that easy.

I used the 4″ Inklingo clamshell collection and loved every second of making this. I’m sure another four-patch clamshell quilt is in my future as I really like the look of putting clamshells together this way. Mr. Q.O. has claimed this one as his, as he loves the colours in it, and he named it “Fruit Salad.” It’s approximately 45″ x 50″. I’m going to bind it as it is, so lots of curved binding is in my future once it’s quilted. I made it using a layer cake and yardage of the dotted fabric for my neutral.

“Fruit Taco”

Jake had a very busy day yesterday watching activity out on the roof garden. At one point, I think he was fighting to stay awake so  he could keep an eye on what was going on out there!

When we came back from his annual check-up at the vet last year, we left Baxter’s new soft-sided carrying case out and realized that he loves to hang out in there. He’s in there almost every day. I learned long ago from a vet that it’s best to leave their carrying cases out so that they don’t associate the sight of them with being taken to the vet.

8 thoughts on “Fruit Salad

    • I think the curved edge really makes it so much fun! I’m always surprised at how often Baxter can be found in his carrying case. Cathi

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