Circles & Curves

What else have I been working on? Well, things that involve curved piecing, of course, because I can’t resist it.

I made the label for the Joseph’s Coat top. I’ve basted the seam allowances under so that they don’t fray for however long it takes before I get it quilted and ready to have a label attached to the back. I had printed a few more melons than I needed for the top so I decided to use them to make this for the label.

I’ve also been sewing loads and loads of these for the burnt orange and white Double Wedding Ring top that I’m making. Sometimes, while piecing the arcs, I wonder what possessed me to use the tiniest of the arc pieces for this, but I know I’m going to love the look of the quilt when it’s finally finished.

Those have turned into a nice stack of rings. Once I get the Pickled Ladies top finished, I think I’m going to try to just buckle down and get the DWR finished. That will be my fourth two-colour quilt when it’s finished, and there are at least two more that I want to make – another blue and white one and another red and white one. No, I think there are at least three more I want to make as I would really love to make another pink and white one and I keep thinking about a red and pink one.


Jake looks rather regal on the pillow, I think.

The look on Baxter’s face cracks me up.

14 thoughts on “Circles & Curves

    • I think the weather is cooperating and we’ll be able to get a decent photo of the Joseph’s Coat top out on the roof garden soon. The Double Wedding Ring? That may be a while yet, but I”m determined to finish it!!




  1. Lol Cathi, i agree Baxter look is priceless…..My stallion Argus gets those different looks on his face too…. cracks me up as well!
    These are going to be beautiful! I’m wanting to do a 2 color as well…. green ‘n white.
    still yucky weather here….


    • I can’t imagine not making more quilts that use pink! I just have to find the perfect pink and then I know I’ll be off to the races with that two-colour quilt! 😉 Baxter is approximately 17 pounds. He’s just about the same size Smudge was but a little smaller than Lester was. The male Maine Coons can be quite big – some over 20 pounds!




    • I use a Canon Pixma MG7120 for printing Inklingo shapes and it’s wonderful! Others I know who have Canon Pixma printers seem to be very pleased with them for printing Inklingo as well.

      I’m not sure what you mean – if you mean the fabrics once they’re printed but before cutting, I will take a couple of photos next time I print some shapes.




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