Mystery Quilts

Last year there was an Inklingo mystery quilt – the Case of the Stranger in Margaritaville. I finished the top, except for the border or borders (I’m still undecided) I want to add to it, but I don’t think I’ve ever shown a picture of it.

Right now it measures 30″ square, but it will be getting a bit larger with an added border or two. It was made with the 6″ Key West Beauty collection and was lots of fun to sew. If I had yardage of the batiks I used in it, I think I’d actually be making it a bit bigger but it will be a nice wallhanging size when it’s finished. Links to all the clues for the Case of the Stranger in Margaritaville are available through this blog post on the All About Inklingo blog. The final clue had some great layouts for larger quilts, which is why I now wish I’d bought yardage of the batiks as I would have loved to make this one larger.

This year’s Inklingo mystery is the Case of the Diamond Necklace (links to all the clues up to now can be found on this post at the All About Inklingo blog) and is being made with the 1.75″ 60-degree diamond collection. So far there have been six clues that have resulted in six of these…

… and six of these …

… and …

… six of these. I fussy cut/printed my fabrics for the stars and, of course, had to show more than one of them as I love the effect from fussy cutting/printing!

And now there will be six of these to add to the mix. So far I’ve got one finished. There’s lots and lots of continuous sewing putting this clue together, so they do go fairly fast.

How on earth all these are going to go together is a mystery and I can’t wait to see the final design. Having six units of something or another to make each week while doing this mystery has been a fun little distraction from working on the Pickled Ladies but by tomorrow evening, I’ll have those last five units done and will be back to working on Pickled Ladies.

“Underwater Mystery.”

Jake had possession of toys.

Baxter didn’t care about toys – he had possession of the remote!

10 thoughts on “Mystery Quilts

  1. Cathi, this one has gotten my curiosity! How beautiful it will be!
    And of course I love batik fabrics. I’m putting together curtains, with hexagon batiks (Moda hope chest )….. stained glassed. I cant wait to see the sun shine through……
    cold this week….. brrrrr!


    • Curtains from batiks sound wonderful!! Linda’s mystery quilts are always a surprise at the end – she really knows how to keep us guessing throughout and I’m always sure I’ll be happy with it, as I love her design sense.




  2. I’m b e h i n d!!! And my Margaritaville is in the same place as yours, except it needs to spend some quality time with the iron. I found it not long ago, undecided about additional borders as I had extra printed pieces I did not use in the top as we went along.

    Why do I have to “adult”? Why?

    And Baxter, I know that look well.


    • This year’s mystery has been such fun – and I’m dying to see the final clues!! I am playing with the idea of a pieced border for my COTSIM, although I did buy a batik specifically for a plain border for it.

      That made me laugh out loud when I saw Baxter with his paw on the remote!




    • I can’t wait for the final clues – and to see how this will look when it’s all put together. Thank you – I love combining batiks with other fabrics as I think it just adds that little extra touch. And oh, how I love working with batiks – they press so perfectly!!




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