Big Stars and Little Stars


First the big stars. One of the three grey and white Feathered Stars that are finished.


Then the second. And this is where it got interesting. I realized when I finished this one that I hadn’t been paying attention when adding the setting squares and tris so the centre Winding Ways block looks different. And I like it. It’s one of those happy accidents. So now I’ll do three with the centre block oriented one way and two with it the other and then alternate them when I sew the five blocks together. Sometimes I think accidents like that are meant to be.

But oh, how I am having trouble sticking with the grey and white. I had been flirting with the idea of having our apartment painted a very soft light grey with white trim. The grey and white Feathered Star blocks have definitely changed my mind. I know I couldn’t live with that. So now I’m contemplating a very pale, milky lavender with white trim as a possibility.

I needed a colour fix – in my favourite colour, of course – which led me to making some small stars. Made with the 3 cm Inklingo Passacaglia collection. A few weeks ago Linda Franz had posted her design on the Inklingo Facebook page.  It immediately caught my interest and I’ve been calling it “the Linda Rosette.”


As you can see from this illustration, the Linda Rosette has a 10-point star in the centre. So I had to try making one or two.


First I picked out a pretty pink batik and printed a page of 20 of the diamonds. I think that you can see the diamonds printed on the batik if you click on the photo to enlarge it.


Then quickly cut them out. And yes, this is a 3 cm diamond, which is really close to 1.25″ but is the exact size  of the shapes used in the Passacaglia quilt in the Millefiori Quilts book by Willyne Hammerstein. As I have the 3 cm collection and know that the Linda Rosette made using that collection will turn into a perfect size for another bed runner, I decided to give it a try.


My first of the five 10-point stars I’ll need. It’s really not much more challenging than a LeMoyne Star but I wouldn’t want to be trying to stitch this with anything but a batik and the perfect stitching lines/matching points of Inklingo. Circling the intersection of the 10 diamonds was actually sort of fun. Truth be told, I’ve actually finished two of the stars just because I couldn’t stop stitching that glorious pink batik.


It pressed like a dream. And now I can’t wait to get started on that bed runner. I chose the pink batik for the stars and will work from there. There will be some fussy cutting/printing and I think it will end up being pinks, greens and creams but that could change. I’ll decide once I get started on it in earnest.

But for now I’ll be working on the fourth grey and white Feathered Star and hopefully get it finished this week and the fifth and final one started. When I finish them all, I’ll be so happy. I know I’m going to love the look of the bed runner, but this has definitely been a lesson for me and that is that I just do not like working with grey – or at least not so much of it.


“More Stars”

100_0612 - Version 2wtmk

I love this close-up of Jake showing his amazing eyes.


Baxter was snoozing on the couch. Yesterday was a very wet, cool day so it was a great day for cat naps.

9 thoughts on “Big Stars and Little Stars

  1. Grey and white is a very elegant combination – and, like you, I like how your centres are different! More teeny stars too, now there’s a surprise…….*grin* Jake, you certainly have beautiful eyes and Baxter, you are a big cuddle puss!

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  2. I finished my La Passacaglia about 4 months ago. What an exciting project to do! Yesterday I started with the first rosette for the Katja’s Quilt Shoppe New Hexagon Collection Millefiore Quilt-Along. Holy Smokes, in comparison to the La Pas these pieces are enormous!

    Always enjoy seeing what you are working on.

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  3. Ooooooh, can you hear me laughing? The eyes say it all.

    Actually, my house is a cool (blue based) gray which is a lovely background for bright, lively colors. I like gray-based better than beige-based colors. They look dreary to me.

    And, how could you? Now I have another idea to hare off after. I’ve been busy with my rose-kite stars.

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  4. I need color in my life. My living room/dining room is aqua and my kitchen has very little wall space that shows and it has a pop of yellow. I suffer from depression and I need color in my life. I love blue (which supposed in a depressive color) so I try to add other pops of color to brighten it. I love the change in direction in the center of the feathered star. I don’t think there are accidents, just opportunities. Then why do I use my seam ripper?

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  5. Your ten point star looks great! I also purchased the Inklingo La Pas set but promised myself I’d finish two quilts in progress first. Im also thinking about making it in batiks. So much easier to sew small pieces in batiks. Can’t wait to see yours finished.

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  6. Love the alternating stars idea. I thought you’d done it on purpose, at first. While I love your grey and white I can understand your need for colour. And the pink is definitely you. You are going to have such fun switching out your bed runners depending on what style or mood you want

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  7. Oh Cathi, its going to be so elegant! And WOW! Again on the Size!! I can’t even hold my cards when playing pinochle!! LOL!! I’m a sucker for Batiks… Got’a love’m. 🐣 Baby chicks soon.


  8. I have just watched a movie called An Amish Murder. I am trying to find someone to make the quilt in the movie..also grey and white. Is there someone you know who quilts for someone else?


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