A Small Diversion

I totally intended to stick with the grey and white Feathered Stars but then a new Inklingo collection was released yesterday. For tiny 3″ LeMoyne Stars. And I couldn’t resist.


I have had this fabric in my stash for ages, but never quite knew what it was intended for. It has an odd repeat – 7.5″, to be exact.

So I looked and one of the suggested custom sizes for printing the diamonds of the wonderful tiny LeMoyne Star was exactly 7.5″. It was meant to be. So in a flash I had eight perfectly printed sheets of diamonds – enough for 16 of the little stars using the no-waste Inklingo fussy cutting/printing method.


First I made this one.


Then this one. And there are 14 more waiting for me.  And those 16 little stars will turn into a doll’s quilt at some point.

Then I got an idea. I have loads of 5″ charms, all washed and waiting for just the right project. So I decided to try and sure enough I got eight perfect little diamonds out of a 5″ square with very little waste.


So another little LeMoyne Star just had to be made. And this has given me an idea – wouldn’t it be fun to make a quilt of 3″ LeMoyne Stars in which every star was of a different fabric? I think that may go on my to-do list.

But for now I’m going back to the grey and white Feathered Stars. I am really, really trying to stick with that one so I can get it finished sooner than later and then I’ll feel free to get on to something much more colourful and fun.

Some Starswtmk

“Some Stars”


A fully occupied kitty tree house.

12 thoughts on “A Small Diversion

  1. Holy …. Crap….. Way to small for me!! I couldn’t even hold on to them Cathi!
    That is the most perfect pic of the kitties! It depicts their personalities too. 😊


  2. These little stars are just the cutest blocks ever!!! Sounds like a perfect idea for a quilt. Love the Baxtertoon 🙂 Baxter & Jake are the perfect image of contented cats.


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