A Wine Sunflower


A wine sunflower to add to the stack of finished ones. Now there are 30 done.


I think there are at least another 20 ready to stitch in this box. Maybe even another 30. I’ll have to find another white on white for the little triangles as I’ve run out of the ones I’ve been using. It has to be nice to needle as I’ve learned the hard way that some of them are so heavily painted on that they’re impossible to work with.

I’ve decided that I’ll make all the ones in the box and then sort out what colours I need to add. I’m thinking 120 of these wonderful little 6″ Inklingo sunflowers will make a great quilt. And I’ve thought of a border although that will remain up in the air until I get them all done and put together. This is clearly going to be a long-term project.


The back of the wine sunflower after pressing and grading the seams.


Have you seen this book – 500 Traditional Quilts? Oh, my — what wonderful eye candy this is. Every page has a gorgeous quilt or two. I have a feeling I’ll be looking at this over and over and over again. Pure inspiration on every page. It makes me want to start another quilt or two or three.


Our wonderful curtain of green leaves is changing. When the sun hits the tree at a certain point it’s almost glowing now. And the falling leaves are of great interest to two kitties.

pumpkin and sunflower patchwtmk

“Pumpkin and Sunflower Patch.”


Mr. Q.O. captioned this one, “You trying to hide up there?”

11 thoughts on “A Wine Sunflower

  1. I love sunflowers and yours are forever!~ 🙂 So many possibilities with using various fabrics…

    I’m so glad you love that book~I sure do!

    I think you are more green that we are here in N.C.

    Always love the kitty pics and toons.


  2. The sunflower quilt will be wonderful! A long term project but worth it! I ordered the book a couple of days ago, should have it by Thursday!


  3. Hi Cathi, looks like your moving right along with everything.
    Those batik sunflowers are so beautiful!
    I truly can’t wait to see the entire quilt finished, just breath taking….
    No I haven’t seen that book yet but I recognize the center quilt, it was in a quilting magazine about a year ago. Well at my age it might of been 2 years ago.
    I truly enjoy your site. You inspire me…to keep on keeping on…. Quilting!


  4. Can’t wait to see all those sunflowers together! Since I get home before my husband, and with the stupid daylight savings, it’s my job to take Leo down to lay in the grass. He had a busy 20 minutes chasing falling leaves and chattering at the finches in the trees. 🙂 Will have to check out that quilt book!


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