When the Wrong Side is Right

I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to set the wild floral kaleidoscope stars for a while and have finally decided to set them with 2″ hexagons. Then, of course, I had to audition all sorts of different fabrics to find something I liked for the hexagons.


This fabric looked like the closest thing to what I was trying to find in my stash, but I still wasn’t thrilled. Unfortunately, the camera really isn’t reading the fabric well – it is much darker in person than in the photo.

Then the lightbulb moment. The wrong side might just work, I thought. I don’t know why I don’t do this more often and audition the wrong sides of fabric when I’m looking for a particular effect, but I seem to forget about that possibility.


When I turned it over, I realized it was very close to what I wanted. So I threw a few of the stars on it to be sure and it was perfect.


The next thing you know, I had a dozen or so sheets of perfectly printed 2″ hexagons thanks to my trusty little red Canon printer. Have I gone on about how much I love this printer before? It is amazing. It just churns out the pages quickly every single time. And I like that it’s red. It makes me smile, just looking at it – a nice cheerful red printer. Edited to add:  It’s a Canon Pixma MG7120.


A few minutes later the hexagons were all cut out and ready to stitch. This shot shows what will be the “wrong” side of the fabric for me in this instance.


This one shows my “right” side and I think these last two photos show the difference between the right and wrong sides better than the two photos with the stars on them.

There’s nothing like a stack of freshly printed and cut shapes. This will get me excited to start joining the wild floral kaleidoscope stars but I’m going to try to take my time rather than just focus on this alone. But oh, the fun ahead – lots and lots of continuous stitching means it will go together quickly. So I should have the first section together relatively quickly.

alien hexagonwtmk

“Alien Hexagon Projector.”


The leaves were flying yesterday so Baxter and Jake spent a lot of time on the windowsill. We were lucky to get a shot of Baxter sitting still. But he was still very intently watching some leaves out there.


Jake was having a nap to get ready for more leaf watching.

8 thoughts on “When the Wrong Side is Right

  1. Oh what an idea…. Setting them in hexagons. Love it, love it , love it.
    Just like years ago, when you had no other choice.
    Besides the color difference, is there any difference between the front and back of the fabric? Go Cathi Go.


  2. Cathy that’s a lovely idea using the back of the fabric, the stars are beautiful too.
    Baxter looks a very handsome coon and I love the search for the head on Jake, you can tell when they get really comfortable can’t you.


  3. I am really enjoying your blog, along with pics of the feline members of the family. I follow other blogs that include their non human family members, and find that it brings a smile to my face, something that happens way too often, given all the wrinkles I’ve accumulated in the nearly 8 decades of my life, but find I’d much rather be a happy person, despite the southern movement of my face.


  4. Someone told me once, “When you purchase fabric, you bought BOTH sides of it.” Truly sometimes the wrong side IS the right side! It’s fabulous, Cath! Can’t wait to see more.


  5. Looks like a great printer. Is it fairly new or one you’ve had for ages?
    Looks like a good solution for these stars. Looking forward to seeing how this top comes together


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