I’m Seeing Stars


First lots of little kaleidoscope stars made with the .50″/1.0″ star point and .50″ hexagons.


They will join this group and more that have been finished for a grand total of 28 little treasures. Now I’m going to start playing with a different layout to make a small quilt with all of them. I had started with this layout but decided I didn’t like it so have taken it apart. A different connecting shape will be used and definitely a different connecting fabric.


Then a larger star – a 9″ Inklingo Star.  This is the first one of a few to be made for a Christmas gift. More Inklingo Stars are in my future but those will involve lots of fussy cutting/printing so that I can get a kaleidoscope sort of effect with them. I predict my printer is going to be very busy over the next week or so!


I love how the Inklingo Star presses – very easy to press like this and make it look its best.

I’ve been seeing lots of the wild floral kaleidoscope stars too, as I’ve been working out a layout for them. There are 81 wild floral kaleidoscope stars that are going to be in the top. Lots of printing of the connecting shape for them will be happening as well.

Those are the types of stars I’ve been seeing. Fun fabric stars.


“Star-Gazing” of a different sort.


Perhaps star-gazing of yet another sort – one star kitty gazing at another star kitty.

6 thoughts on “I’m Seeing Stars

  1. Baxter: “Yeah”
    Jake: “Oh yeah? Sez who?”
    Baxter: “Sez ME!”
    Next shot: biff, pow, “Owwww”
    And then the fur flies.

    Oh, yes. I do like the itty-bitty flowers too. Try some green.


  2. Such nice stars! But I love the simplicity of the 9 1/2 inch one in the 3 colors!

    I love the “stand off” in that picture! Jake must be brave!


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