Sunflower Times Two


I think I’m back to jumping from project to project. Right now I seem a little fixated on sunflowers. Probably because we’re into the grey, windy, cool days of fall. I want something that makes me think of the warmer days of summer. And so sunflower number 28 has now been made and added to the group.


As has sunflower number 29.


When there were 20 of them done, I had put them up on the temporary design wall. When I get 40 of them done I’ll have to do that again.


I have no idea how many of them are ready, waiting to be stitched. The box is almost three-quarters full of the shapes for more and more sunflowers all ready to stitch. And I’m not done with printing for these yet either! I have a selection of other batiks on which I want to print the shapes for yet more. Seeing all these pieces ready to be put together into more of these little sunflower blocks makes me unreasonably happy!  Piecing those tiny tris and diamonds in the 6″ sunflower is pure enjoyment – loads and loads of continuous stitching there and then some lovely curved piecing adding the centre and the outer pieces to make the little sunflowers a square block.


“Sunflower Field”


There are personal trainers and then there are personal groomers. And Baxter has his very own personal groomer. Jake is very intent on giving Baxter a good grooming – multiple times per day – whether Baxter wants it or not. We’ve taken to calling Jake the serial salon cat.

11 thoughts on “Sunflower Times Two

  1. Cathi, I always enjoy the inspiration and humor you give out so consistently on your blog. Thank you! The sunflowers are gorgeous and Mr. QO’s toons are fun and artistically amazing. I think the serial salon cat designation wins the prize. Those kitties are so cute and I love their personalities. Thanks again, Cyndie


  2. You’ll have a big field of sunflowers before you know it! So pretty!
    The serial salon cat is so funny! But he just wants to have Baxter look his best!


  3. What beautiful blocks. You are doing an amazing job on them. I’ve recently moved to North Carolina from Australia and have loved seeing mNY sunflowers here. I’m looking forward to watching how your sunflower “garden” continues to bloom and grow!


  4. Before watching “Calendar Girls”, sunflowers were borderline weeds to me. Now, I love them. And I am enjoying watching your “garden grow”. I can relate to the cool, wet and windy. It has arrived in the Pacific NW as well. That happens.

    Jake and Baxter: “Yeech guy, can’t you keep these ears clean?” (My shorthair used to groom my longhair a lot. Groom the parts that are hard to reach for yourself.)


  5. I can see how the lovely blocks with those shades is irresistible, and this will be truly the best when all done. Maybe all local felines can book in to the ” Salon de Jake” for their turn too. Take care, Jean.


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