Little Patchwork of the Crosses


These little Patchwork of the Crosses blocks are very difficult for me to resist – each one made up of 24 little pieces that go together in no time. I think this is my favourite of the ones I’ve done so far. It makes me think of brocade. This time I did a little fussy cutting/printing of the dark beige/dark cream 90-degree hexagons I used on the corners as well as those in the centre of the block. It’s quick to do the fussy cutting/printing and is definitely worth the effort.

Edited to add:  I’m making these wonderful little blocks with the Inklingo .75″ POTC collection  


The back of the brocade one. The back is as intriguing to me as the front. Perhaps I’ll have to print a few of the shapes on the right side of the fabric so that I have a few made with the paler version of these fabrics on the front. That might just add another level of interest to this little top I’m making.


Now there are three done. And I’m thinking that I’ll have to do a few more of the ones with the paler fabrics or else just not use the paler fabrics in these. I’ll try to decide when I start the next one. If I were really, really good I think I could make all the blocks I want for this second smaller POTC quilt in a month or so. But I’m not going to stick to just one project again — at least not for a while! I’ve spent too much time this summer trying to stick to just one project. I’m much happier jumping from one project to another.

I know. I’ve been missing … again. I don’t know where my blogging energy has gone, but it seems to be in somewhat limited supply. I’m hoping that as the cooler weather comes in, it will come back. That said, I wonder if blogs have a natural sort of lifespan. I’ve been noticing that a number of the blogs I used to read have gone very quiet and some, in fact, have disappeared altogether.

On the weekend we had summer weather again. For which I was very, very grateful. The longer we can ward off that season that begins with “W”, the happier I am! And I’m very happily ignoring the leaves that are turning yellow on the trees. They are vastly outnumbered by those that are still green, so I can pretend it’s still summer.




Jake has a habit of sitting with his tongue out. And it always makes me laugh. And every once in a while we’re lucky enough to have a camera right at hand to get a shot of it.


Baxter really knows how to relax.

7 thoughts on “Little Patchwork of the Crosses

  1. Interesting little blocks…….I see what you mean about the pale fabric, though. You are probably right about blogs, I have noticed quite a few just sitting there, not being updated – could be for any number of reasons. Hello to the kitties today! Here’s hoping that the leaves don’t turn too quickly for you.


  2. Your 1/2 inch blocks are delightful. I’m finishing my 1/2 inch up now but don’t think (with all the seams that I’ll be able to hand quilt this one. Yes, I seem to be off my blog longer than I want to be. I’ll jump from one project to another and so have not much to report. Wave and smile to you.


  3. Hi Cathi, I find to do a post a day is too much to tackle right now, what with Hugh not well, firewood work well on the way, and the usual mundane household jobs. Love that so tiny block, you have the eye to fussy cut to perfection. and as always, Jake and Baxter add their personalities. love that kitty tree. Hugs, Jean.


  4. Cathi….I love your little, bitty POTC blocks. Such patience you must have to work on such small ones. Your fabric choices are always wonderful.. I am a machine piecer and am loving working on my 1.5″ hexagons to make my POTC blocks. Your kitties are adorable. Betsy


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